#508: Samyang Ramen Beef Flavor Cup Noodle Soup

So far I’ve tried the big bowl, the pack, and now it’s the cup. I generally enjoy this stuff so figuring I’ll like this one too. Here we go!

A single packet of powder. Right as I’m reviewing this, the Giants are playing the Rockies. I live up in the Seattle area, but my wife’s from the Bay Area and converted me from being a Mariners fan to a Giants fan last year. Giants won the world series last year – that was awesome!

The veggie were in the cup and looks like a bunch of those little funny spongy fake meatball thingies are in there too.

Finished (click image to enlarge). So the noodles are nice and tasty, the broth had a decent amount of beef and heat, and the bit o fake meat and veggies were very good. Nice little snack. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. Get some here.

Samyang commercial

Japanese pong c;one consoles!

1970s ABC TV promo

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  1. that boiling sound from the commercial is so fake. that egg looks so shiny and perfect …if only it really looked like that. catchy song too! kinda stuck in my head now! i want egg! i want to have fun frolicking in the park! samyang ramyun! source of all happiness? perhaps.

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