The Ramen Rater News: 9/17/2011

Thought I would do a news update since it’s been quite a while. So to start with, I send out stickers to those who are kind enough to send me donations of noodles that I can’t get here. Well, one of these folks, Greg B. from Florida, has sent me a photo of where he stuck one of them.

Yup – ramen on the back of a Vespa! Looks awesome! Thanks for sending the picture! Hope to see more pics soon by others who will be receiving them in the mail!

Right now I’m working on making a list. A big and comprehensive list of links to instant ramen noodle manufacturers! I’m hoping to compile the largest and most complete, so if anyone knows any I’m missing, please let me know and I’ll add then in the future. I’ll also be compiling a list of links to other ramen review and enthusiast websites – as big a list as I can make. I notice  there are a multitude out there – always nice to see a new one!

So a guy messaged me as he was interested in doing an article about in a magazine called ‘mymag’ from Brazil. Well, the only stipulation I had about taking part in this was a hardcopy of the magazine. Soon as it was done and available, never heard another word from him again. Anyways, here’s the article (click images to enlarge).


 That’s about it for now. Really can’t wait to get out the list of sites – been working on it for days! Thanks to everyone who helps make a place for true fans of instant ramen noodles!

Hans Lienesch

The Ramen Rater

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