#507: Dragonfly Artificial Seafood Flavor Instant Noodles

Ah! Today it’s breakfast later than normal so breaking out the big bowl action! Seafood flavor sounded good and going to add a couple of eggs to it too.

A nice trifecta of flavor enhancements: from left to right we have liquid seasoning, powder soup base and finally veggies galore.

The all look ready to go atop the noodle block. Dragonfly supplies a serious noodle block too – good stuff last time!

Click image to enlarge. Finished. I fried two eggs and broke the yolks and stirred them as I fried them; kind of a different take on scrambled eggs. Also as you can see I added a scant amount of pepper. So good. The broth was nice and tasty but not overpoweringly salty or anything – it suited the seafood flavor nicely.By the way – there’s a water fill line on the outside and the inside of the container. The one on the outside is much higher – I went with the inner line.  The noodles were very happy and abundant. The veggies are very good too. So a rating? 3.75 out of 5.0 – I really like this stuff!

A few odd commercials from Britain for ya!


  1. If you are looking to add a few more veggies to your ramens, I found a neat product that contains a mixture of different freeze dried onions, like red onion, white onion, shallot, and chives, and its basically the same stuff you get in the packets. Its nice cause its a mix so you dont have to have 5 different bottles of various freeze dried ingredients. Check it out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KNFICC/

    Whats your favorite freeze dried veggie? Personally, I love chives. and green onion. Theyve got all kinds of different stuff, like garlic, ginger, etc. I wonder if any other freeze dried food would be a good additive..eggs maybe, if you cant make em fresh? Im sure you could find corn and mushrooms and all types of stuff. Just throw em in before the boiling water, super easy! Somehow those little green flecks really add presentation to the meal even if you dont taste much of it.

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