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#2982: Samyang Foods Big Bowl Artificial Chicken Flavor – South Korea

#2982: Samyang Foods Big Bowl Artificial Chicken Flavor - South Korea

Here’s the last of the three new Big Bowl varieties Samyang Foods sent me. As you can see, they are big bowls. Also, you might be thinking ‘hey – this doesn’t look like a very South Korean variety!’ Well, this is what is called an export variety. Let’s take a look! ...see full post

#2682: JML Instant Noodle Artificial Spicy Hot Beef Flavour

Re-Review: JML Instant Noodle Artificial Spicy Hot Beef Flavour

I’ve been doing a lot of spicy noodle videos on YouTube recently. There’s a particular one that I tried and just couldn’t handle. The main reason for this is that first off, it’s ultra spicy. The second was that I attempted it when I was sick with the flu. I mean hey – it was from Japan and I thought I should be able to handle it; never run into any spicy noodle from Japan that I found too spicy to eat. ...see full post

Happy Bithday Miri! Repost: #2330: Ve Wong Little Prince(ss) Brand Snack Noodles Artificial Mexican Pizza Flavor

So I did this review the morning that my daughter Miriam was born one year ago today. Happy Birthday, Miri! I thought I’s repost it with a little update. ...see full post

#2362: Chuan Wei Wang Bowl Instant Noodles Artificial Spicy Beef Flavor

#2362: Chuan Wei Wang Bowl Instant Noodles Artificial Spicy Beef Flavor - China - The Ramen Rater

Here’s another one from a reader named Colin from the east coast – thanks again! It amazes me how many varieties he can find from the other side of the USA that I can’t get here. Fascinating; you’d think you could get most things anywhere but apparently companies distribute different things in different places. Anyways, this sounds good – spicy beef! Let’s check it out. ...see full post

#2330: Ve Wong Little Prince(ss) Brand Snack Noodles Artificial Mexican Pizza Flavor

#2330: Ve Wong Little Prince(ss) Brand Snack Noodles Artificial Mexican Pizza Flavor - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater - noodle snack

As I’ve said in the past, I’m usually about 50 or so reviews ahead of myself. Well, today is the actual day our daughter Miriam will be born and by the time this comes out she’ll be close to two months old. Wow! It’s early in the morning – although it’s just a few hours away. Really excited! This one seemed interesting enough for a day of birth – Mexican pizza from Taiwan? I think a fiesta is in order; although I wish these were called Little Princess – but hey look at the title I think that works at least a little! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2287: Master Kong Artificial Abalone Crab Flavor Instant Noodle

Here’s one sent to me by Colin – thanks again! So these have been a real conundrum for me for quite a long time. The little chef on the logo is definitely different from the regular Master Kong chef, but I can’t get to the bottom of the exact name of this brand and so it’s Master Kong? ...see full post

#2286: Kamfen Noodle King Artificial Abalone And Chicken Soup Flavoured


I haven’t generally been a fan of abalone and chicken instant noodles. I’m crossing my fingers here though. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#2263: Sichuan Baijia Broad Noodle Artificial Beef Flavor Hot Pot

When it says these are broad noodles, its definitely not an understatement. I’ve had mixed feelings about the offerings from this brand in the past – let’s see how this one pans out! ...see full post

#2256: Goku-Uma Ramen Noodles Artificially Flavored Tonkotsu

I haven’t reviewed anything by this brand in a long time – they were ubiquitous for a while then kind of disappeared, then came back with more traditional Japanese ramen flavors. Let’s check out this tonkotsu bowl! ...see full post

#2244: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Spicy Beef Flavour

Here’s yet another one sent by a reader named Colin from back east – thanks again! It’s funny how we don’t have any of these Kang shi Fu variants out west – at least not at any of the stores I’m near to. Spicy beef sounds awesome – it’s a really cloudy and rainy day here in  the Seattle area. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2208: Roland Ramen Japanese Style Quick-Cooking Alimentary Paste With Chicken Artificially Flavored Soup Base

A big thanks to Colin for finding and sending me this one! Okay, so I have been trying to get this one for a while; anything by Roland honestly. I called them, emailed them, and always got the same reply – ‘we don’t send sample.’ I really love it when companies have such a rigid policy against basically what amounts to free advertising. This one is made in Singapore for Roland company here in the USA, and I have a feeling it’s a private label by Tat Hui/KOKA – all boils down to one aspect which is a giveaway. Let’s check this one out and I’ll show you what that is. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Re-Review: MAMA Pho Bo Rice Noodles With Artificial Beef Flavour

It’s been a while since I’ve done any re-reviews and there will be a couple in this Meet The Manufacturer. This is from a long time ago – last time I had this bowl was in review #304 which I posted February 20th, 2011. Yep – very old review and should be interesting to see how I like it now as opposed to back then. I know it’ll look nicer than back then – I used to drop two fried eggs in with EVERYTHING and a lot of the time it looked like a hideous trainwreck. Let’s revisit this one! ...see full post