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#4275: Ollebadang Jeju Red-Banded Lobster Cup Ramen – South Korea

#4275: Ollebadang Jeju Red-Banded Lobster Cup Ramen - South Korea

It took a little finagling to wrap my head around this one – insofar as translation. Bar code was a no-go and the only English text referred to the caloric content and not much else. But what helped was that phone number with the 070 prefix. Boom! They were even kind enough to have an English version of their website. So, let’s check out this South Korean variety! ...see full post

#4164: JTM Food XO Sauce Seafood Noodle – China

#4164: JTM Food XO Sauce Seafood Noodle - China

This is another one I found a couple days before Lunar New Year. The bar code came up with nothing which was a little troublesome, but I did manage to find the website on the packaging. The XO definitely is a reference to XO sauce, and it being blue and pics of the bowl definitely mean it’s gotta be XO sauce seafood. At least, I think so. Let’s check this one out! ...see full post

Limited Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry From Nissin Singapore!

Ready to see something extra special? This is a limited-time variety from Nissin Singapore which debuted on April 4th, 2022 and if you want to get some, you’d better hurry! They’re only available in Singapore and sound really great – I’ll be trying them very soon. I’ve had fish head curry once before in Penang, Malaysia on the same day we arrived there way back in 2014. It was pretty crazy – our flight left Seattle at midnight, then 13 hours to Taiwan, a few to Singapore, then a short hop to Penang. Got there in the afternoon, and much later got to go out for dinner. Let me tell you – we were seeing things at that time – all the adrenaline rush of going somewhere fantastic and new and serious sleep deprivation! Well, let me say it was really tasty – definitely want to return and really want to visit Singapore to sample it there as well! I’ve got the next best thing – some Cup Noodles Fish Head Curry! Let’s check it out – really fancy presentation! ...see full post

#4112: Red Chef Hae Bee Hiam Dried Noodles – Singapore

#4112: Red Chef Hae Bee Hiam Dried Noodles - Malaysia

This one was on the global top ten list last year, but under a different brand name. This time, it’s by Red Chef. But does it taste the same? One easy way to find out! I remember a strong prawn flavor that was just relentless – and if you like sweet prawn sauce like me, you’re going to really lose it over this. Let’s check it out! ...see full post