#513: Dragonfly Artificial Onion Flavor Instant Noodles

I was kind of tripped out by this bowl of noodles: artificial onion? Why would they need to go the artificial route on this one?  Well, why don’t I look at the ingredients. Oh look! Onion powder and onion oil. I’m confused… Anyways, here we go…

Hey a fork! From left to right we have seasoning oil (which has onion oil in it), veggie (which have scallions which are like onions) and the dry powder seasoning (that has onion powder in it).

Ah how they all await the boiling water!

Click image to enlarge. Today I found a new hot sauce at the grocery store – Tabasco Buffalo Style! Kind of like Texas Pete hot sauce with a little extra kick. So what I did was I started frying a couple eggs. When the whites started to congeal, I used a fork and popped the yolks and stirred the eggs just a little bit and added some of the hot sauce. At the end I added a little touch of pepper and Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning.

Okay, with that said I am quite happy with this one. So far with the bigger Dragonfly bowls I’ve had I’ve noticed each really tried to match the flavor that it’s purporting on the label. This wasn’t a super salty painfully onion flavored bowl by any means. The onion flavor was very good and deep. It had a decent oilyness that worked well – and the veggies were very plentiful. The noodles were not above average but just fine. I liked this a lot – 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

This is some awesome oddness you must see!

Can someone please explain what’s going on here?

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