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#3129: Acecook Super Cup Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Yakisoba – Japan

#3129: Acecook Super Cup Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Yakisoba - Japan

Today we have a Zenpop.JP variety – so what’s Zenpop? They’re a subscription service for all things Japanese! Definitely, check them out. By the way, use coupon code RAMENRATER to get $2 off! Here’s what they had to say about this one – ‘To celebrate 50 years in business for the iconic chip brand, and 30 years for Japan’s instant noodle brand Super Cup, they collaborate as Sour Cream & Onion Pringles Yakisoba! A mouthful of soft noodles with the crunch of onion crates a fantastic textural sensation that works to enhance all the punchy flavors.’ ...see full post

#3038: Wu-Mu Jing Xiang Ban Mian Ramen with Fried Green Onion – Taiwan

#3038: Wu-Mu Jing Xiang Ban Mian Ramen with Fried Green Onion - Taiwan

Thought today would be a good day for some fried green onions! The kind folks at Wu-Mu sent these over a little while back and I thought I’d better review it! Here’s what they have to say about it – ...see full post

#2836: Shanjinshan Yibin Burning Noodle Green Onion Flavor

#2836: Shanjinshan Yibin Burning Noodle Green Onion Flavor

These came by way of Snackoo – a company that supplies you with great snack boxes, containing all sorts of fascinating things as well as ramen noodles. Why not check them out? ...see full post

#2591: Myojo Charumera Licca Chan Onion Gratin Soup Noodle

#2591: Myojo Charumera Licca Chan Onion Gratin Soup Noodle - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles ramen

Found these up in Canada at the Osaka market in Yaohan Centre.                            So I’ve seen this on instagram a few times and been wondering what the big deal is. Moreover, what is Licca? Here’s something from Wikipedia – ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Kiki Noodle

#2423: Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Oriental Noodles Soup Artificial Onion Flavor

Another one sent by Colin. I haven’t had any of this brand in quite some time! I should also say I’ve not had an onion flavor instant in quite a while too. Very curious about this one – let’s have a look! NOTE – I just was looking for info on this one and as it turned out, I reviewed it in 2010! It was review #99. I’ll still slap a new number on this one though. What’s funny is if you look at the packaging on it from back then, it says ‘New.’ It still says new! I’m sorry, but this isNOT new. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Re-Review: Mom’s Dry Noodle Onion Oil & Shrimp Flavor

Mom’s Dry Noodle Onion Oil & Shrimp Flavor - Taiwan - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater

Here’s one I’ve liked for a while . In fact, it’s on the Taiwanese op Ten list! I really like shrimp as well as onion! I thought since I’ve had the opportunity to try a nice amount of Taiwanese food now, I’d share this info about their food from wikipedia: ...see full post

#2106: Itomen Onion Flavor Shoyu Ramen

Here’s an interesting one from Colin – thanks again! This is an onion flavored shoyu. I’ve had a few onion flavor varieties – let’s give this one from Itomen a try! ...see full post

#2070: Tokushima Seifun Negi Ramen

Here’s the last of the Tokushim Seifun varieties sent to me by Wesley, a reader from Japan at school in Canada – thanks again! This last one is negi – green onion! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater Reviews The Red Robin ‘Red Ramen Burger’

We were out doing grocery shopping and thought ‘hey there’s that Red Robin over there – wonder if they have those Red Ramen Burgers.’ Well, after a quick phone call to make sure they did, we swooped in to give them a try. ...see full post

#1648: Wei Lih Instant Noodles With Onion Flavour

This is one I got last month on my birthday trip to Canada! What’s interesting is that it’s one I tried to get along with a couple others from one store up there the previous year but there was some kind of thing that to use a card you’d need to spend at least $20 or something, and since the noodles I found were a far cry from that, I skipped it. I really was bummed – this is nowhere to be found here in the USA so thought this time around I’d see if the place had it – and it did! Let’s check out this Wei Lih onion variety. ...see full post

#1640: Long Jun Hang Tainan Yi Mien With Onion Oil Sauce

These tend to be a little hard to figure out; what flavor? What brand? Luckily, I had help from Bobby Y. on the first of these I found, and knowing some of the standard flavors of Taiwanese instants, the translation I got of a page that came up from the bar code on Google was logical. Anyways, Let’s try this onion oil flavor Taiwanese noodle offering. ...see full post