#605: Little Cook Instant Noodles Artificial Flavored Onion Flavor Cup


Here’s another sent by Michelle L. of New York – thanks again! Send pics of where you put the stickers! This one looks interesting; on top as an afterthought is printed ‘ARTIFICIAL  FLAVORED,’ although I do see dried onion in the ingredients. Weird. That said, here’s the noods.

Here’s the nutrition and ingredient panels (click image to enlarge).

Powder seasoning on the left and a thick oil seasoning on the right.

How strange that it picked up the blueish / purple tinge! It wasn’t really either of those colors.

Click image to enlarge. Noodles are a little funky – maybe a little more time than specified? They have that kind of brittleness cup noodles often do. The broth is very very onionny and kind of greasy – but tolerably greasy and not nasty. The vegetables are nice too! All around, a good onion cup. 3.5 out of 5:0 stars.

Japanese cooking show Dotch!

Rah-men. Not too hard. What gets me – where’d this lady find a variety of noodles I’ve not reviewed to make her Swedish monstrosity? If anyone knows where to get this stuff, I’m interested!


  1. I realize tht you may have found them by now, but in regards to the ramen being used for the swedish meatballs..it is Mr. Noodle. Made by a subsidary of Campbell’s soup, in Canada it is widely available, at grocery stores including Walmart.

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