#99: Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Onion Flavor Instant Oriental Noodles Soup

So today we have some artificial onion flavor noodles. New flavor eh? That’s pretty awesome! This packet is rather fascinating though…

So two little packets – powder and oil. What could they contain? What makes something taste onion-like artificially, and why the need? I mean, Vegetarians are kind of out here; onions are vegetables last time I checked.

So how does one make fake onion flavor? Well, the ingredients on the seasonings list include shallot, sugar, dried chives, spices and artificial pork flavor. Chives and shallots? Those are practically onions already in my book…

So here’s a prepared bowl of Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Onion Flavor. You know what it tastes like? It tastes like chicken ramen with maybe one enormous bag of Funyun seasoning dumped in. No joke; I don’t know why I am at all surprised by this but yep – this tastes like Funyuns. If you don’t know what Funyuns are, use Wikipedia. It has this fake onion, kind of buttery very salty taste. I’m not bummed out but not impressed. I’m giving this one 2.75 out of 5 stars. Its different but not in a way adding any kind of oomph to the flavor spectrum. This makes me this of after school dumping pounded Funyuns in a pack of chicken Maruchan.


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