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Samples From Gemini Food Corporation

Got an email a few weeks back from Gemini Food Corp. about their instant noodles. They’re a distributor in California.

Awesome! Lots of Little Cook, Ve Wong and Mee Jang! Thanks to Duncan at Gemini! Appreciate it – I’ll do up some reviews soon!

#710: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Noodles Mixed Foods Flavor


Been saving this one for just the right day – and here it is! Mixed foods flavor?! Wow this is a fascinating one – never have I found an instant noodle with such a non-descript totle! Surf and turf? Not sure what’s going on here but we’ll give ‘er a try!

To be honest, if you read the ingredients it looks like it’s kind of a seafood bowl (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block.

Powder seasoning.

Very fine powder.

Veggie and dehydrated seafood packet.

Dehydrated naruto and a couple little shrimp in there.

Seasoned oil packet.

Reminds me of an ocean on a sunny day with some seagulls. Yeah I know…

Finished (click image to enlarge). Made a two egg omelet with a little Kikkoman soy sauce and some Melinda’s Garlic Habanero hot sauce. Also added some store brand stir fry veggies and Ajishima Kim Chi furikake on top of those. The noodles are lackluster – kind of stringy and not super happy. The broth is interesting; kind of sweet seafoody like crab. I would say it’s kind of a mixed seafood flavor. The veggies aren’t bad; the shrimp and naruto were kind of passable. I think the title was really what drew me to this one and I’m not surprised with the quality. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 8934684025511 .

Foods from all over the world event in Sweden – looks amazing!

Here’s how to make Vietnamese Mixed Foods Soup!

#670: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Chicken Flavor Instant Rice Noodles

Definitely one that’s been sitting at the bottom of the noodle hamper for a while – it’s barely expired – not worried. Let’s give it a try!

Here’s everything you could possibly want to know (click image to enlarge).

Clockwise from top left: seasoned oil, powder seasoning, chili powder and veggies.

Here we are! Time for boiling water.

Click image to enlarge. Since the bowl was banged up, I figured I ought to put it in a real bowl. Added an egg with some salt and pepper. The noodles are my favorite kind of rice noodles; they’re not chewy and not like angel hair – they’re nice and soft and tasty! The broth is very interesting – definitely an artificial chicken flavor. Has some spiciness to it from the chili powder. The Veggies are very abundant, but they don’t really do a lot for me. Pretty nice though – I liked it. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 8934674032113.

How to make pho!

The bus I rode on coming home from work this afternoon.

#569: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Suc Song Huong vi Thit bam Artificial Pork Flavor

This one’s pretty unique looking – what the heck is Suc Song? I would love to find out because I can’t find anything about it! Artificial pork flavor sounds good though!

From left to right we’ve got seasoned oil, powder seasoning and finally some fake pork bits!

Everything await the boiling water!

Click image to enlarge. I added a couple fried eggs and a couple of drops of Tabasco Buffalo Style hot sauce – really have been enjoying that a lot lately. So the noodles were nice – kind of fluffy and buttery in a way. The broth was good but kind of light in flavor. The little pork bits? Chewy and weird. This was pretty good stuff but nothing extra amazing. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.

I’ve posted this vid a few times before since I just can’t find much along the lines of Ve Wong commercials…

This Thanksgiving home movie is actually pretty rad!

381: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Beef Flavor Vietnam Flavor

So I’ve reviewed quite a few of these so had to look to make sure I hadn’t already! But nope not yet so here we go!

Three packets – powder soup, seasoned oil and veggies and TVP meat! TVP is textured vegetable protein. It’s some amazing stuff!

Done well, TVP can be really nice – you can see the funky bits in with the veggies.

Click image to enlarge. Added two fried eggs and a little Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning. Shazam! Wow very tasty! The noodles were just right and the broth was a little spicy but also nice and hearty. The Veggies were everywhere and the TVP meat bits were the best I’ve ever had – chewy and almost fatty! I really am quite impressed with this one! 4.25 out of 5.0 stars!

#367: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Chicken Flavor Vietnam Flavor

Didn’t think this wasn’t a repeat review but yeah – this is new! So here we go!

Veggies, soup base powder, seasoned oil.

Colorful ingredients!

Click image to enlarge. One egg was added while the noodles boiled. Pretty decent stuff although it seemed a little spicier than one would expect for chicken flavor noodles. It did have a nice surprise in that it had soya protein fake chicken in it so that was fun and weird. I liked it okay enough. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

Looks like a lot of soy sauce to put into that meal!

Excellent film – live action Dr Seuss from 1953! Its here in it entirety!

#288: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Rice Noodles

Some rice noodles from Vietnam. This was a puffy pack – like a pillow of non-beef goodness!

Clockwise from top left: soup powder, garnish (veg), chili powder and seasoned oil.

The rice noodles were in a plastic bad.

The seasonings sit atop the noodle block awaiting 400cc of boiling water.

Click image to enlarge. We made Korean BBQ last night so my lady kept out a little of the beef for me! I threw it in with the water as it boiled and then poured it and the water over the noodles and seasonings and covered. A quick stir after a few minutes and here we are.  The broth was nice – thick and hearty. The noodles were broad but a little oily from the soup and a little hard to eat. Adding the beef really helped it I think. Anyways, I liked it and throwing it 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

Best noodle commercial ever.

#274: Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Oriental Noodle Soup Artificial Soybean Paste Flavor

So this is something I have been meaning to try for a while and have been scoffed at for doing wrong in the past, so here goes. You’ll see quickly that this isn’t your standard pack of noodles…

Packet of paste, packet of powder…

Yeah pretty different huh? Cook the noodles, drain but keep the water, add seasoning to the soup and stir and paste to the noodles and stir.

Indeed, here are the two bowls!

The soup.

And finally the noodles. Well, I was pretty blown away by the results. Good stuff! The noodles were tasty with a bit of a salty and hot bite and almost tasted like bits of pork in there. I found myself instinctively going to the soup to cool off the intense paste flavor. The soup was a salty affair – thin and mellow. It cooled the heat and all in all, the two complimented each other quite nicely. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars – wasn’t expecting to be giving this such high marks, but it deserves them.

Ninjas rock! Big time!

#99: Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Onion Flavor Instant Oriental Noodles Soup

So today we have some artificial onion flavor noodles. New flavor eh? That’s pretty awesome! This packet is rather fascinating though…

So two little packets – powder and oil. What could they contain? What makes something taste onion-like artificially, and why the need? I mean, Vegetarians are kind of out here; onions are vegetables last time I checked.

So how does one make fake onion flavor? Well, the ingredients on the seasonings list include shallot, sugar, dried chives, spices and artificial pork flavor. Chives and shallots? Those are practically onions already in my book…

So here’s a prepared bowl of Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Onion Flavor. You know what it tastes like? It tastes like chicken ramen with maybe one enormous bag of Funyun seasoning dumped in. No joke; I don’t know why I am at all surprised by this but yep – this tastes like Funyuns. If you don’t know what Funyuns are, use Wikipedia. It has this fake onion, kind of buttery very salty taste. I’m not bummed out but not impressed. I’m giving this one 2.75 out of 5 stars. Its different but not in a way adding any kind of oomph to the flavor spectrum. This makes me this of after school dumping pounded Funyuns in a pack of chicken Maruchan.

#97: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Mi Tom Chua Sour Shrimp Flavor Instant Noodles Vietnam Flavor

So today I thought I’d try some more of these interesting Vietnamese noodles. Yesterday’s review was very enjoyable – especially with the little thing about ‘spicery’ on the packet. So here we go with Sour Shrimp Flavor. Yup – another really long named instant noodle pack. I’m kind of liking it.

Again we have the packet of packets. This time there was no statement saying it is up to all of us to spice things up the way we choose. Apparently I think this means add everything or else…

Four packets – very interesting! So starting at the top left going clockwise we have Chilli pack, soup sachet, sauce and condiment. The four horsemen of the noodle bowl perhaps?

A nice, colorful and interesting set of flavorings for the noodles and broth.

So here we are with the final product. Noodles are of acceptable resilience; not real firm but not great. The broth is very lemony… Rather salty.  The sour, lemon and chili powder all combined with the salt and oil combine in a way that is both good and bad. Good and it is interesting mix, but bad since these flavors could be found in a nice bowl of something more authentic in a more separate but joined way. It’s like the bottom of a bowl of Vietnamese gumbo – I’d rather taste the before-stuff. I guess on the bright side this very much gives me an interest in trying some Vietnamese food. I have enjoyed pho, so maybe tom yum soup should be next. I give this 2.5 out of 5 stars; not bad but not causing tremors in my soul. Average.

#96: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Pork Flavor Instant Noodle Vietnam Flavor

So I thought why not – a sunny day here in Edmonds. Pork? Yes, pork sir. After my sweety had some Unif stewed pork noodles a couple weeks ago I thought I’d best try some form of pork noodles. Other than Maruchan’s entry into the pork race that is. So here we are. Quite possibly the longest name in noodles so far, Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Pork Flavor Instant Noodles Vietnam Flavor.

There is really no statement I have come across that I can stand behind and agree with more than this: “Spicery is up to everyone’s taste!”  I’m not sure its meant to be so profound as I find it, but more of a direction to season as desired, but I find this little sentence to be stupefyingly profound and pleasant indeed. It really made my day brighter! I also liked a packet of packets – big fun fun there!

So here we find some more interesting things. Dehydrated stuff, powder and oil. But wait! The dehydrated stuff says seasoned oil on the packet! Ooooh! It’s the upside down airplane stamp of instant noodles!!!

So an interesting little mix. Here comes the pain! Bringing it on!

Oh hell yeah this stuff is just plain good. Sweet hair burgers made of ice it’s good!  So the dehydrateds: even though it says artificial pork flavor, there were some little bits of something in there that was very very much like some kind of dehydrated meat. On the back of the package I read about some ‘soya protein’ which must be the culprit here. Very well done. I really liked the broth – even with the oil, it was not at all too greasy like its thai counterparts. The broth did actually tasty pork like! The noodles were of an agreeable grade and again the dehydrated fake meat and vegetables were quite good. I was happily surprised with this instant noodle and proudly give it a 3.75 out of 5 stars. I eagerly await trying more of the Saigon Ve Wong line of instant noodle products.


#42: Ve Wong Kung Fu Chicken Flavor

Kung Fu: Chicken Flavor Stars: *
Notes: Well, as far as this stuff goes, I can truthfully say NOTHING SPECIAL GPING ON HERE. I really was hoping I would be able to beat up bad guys and work it like Jackie Chan after eating it, but this was not even remotely the case. Basically a bowl of chicken flavor noodles. Very much like your standard Americanized noodles you’d find in a big supermarket.