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#1564: A-One Mì Ly Instant Noodles Mì Thịt Xào Pork Flavor

Last spring, I remember my son and I took a walk to the local Asian grocery when we were living in Edmonds, WA. We were getting something for my wife for Mother’s Day I believe! Anyways, as always I like to take a stroll down the instant noodle aisle (no big shock, right?). I found a few different varieties of these A-One cups and got them. This is a pork flavored one – from Vietnam. Let’s check out what’s inside!

 Here’s detail of the side panels (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add in all sachets and fill to line with boiling water. Cover for 3 minutes and stir. Enjoy!

 Detail of the lid (click image to enlarge).

An included fork!

The noodle block.

A dry soup base sachet.

A granular powder with little vegetable bits.

A chilli powder sachet.

Kind of hard to see – and a very fine powder.

A seasoned oil sachet.

Looks like some fried onion going on.

The vegetable sachet.

A nice little medley.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added sauteed pork and sweet onion, coriander, mung bean sprout and Huy Fong sriracha chilli sauce. The noodles did alright – hydrated very nicely and only a slight spongy. The broth had an interesting pork taste; kind of a slight bitterness to it which really wasn’t my cup of tea. The Broth had a nice consistency and the vegetable bits hydrated well. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 893468402199.

The Food of Vietnam – (from Amazon) – Chef, restaurateur, TV host and author Luke Nguyen traverses the length of his homeland — from Saigon to Sapa — in this comprehensive guide to Vietnamese cuisine. With recipes from the authentic street food of the country’s busiest cities to the simple seafood dishes of the coast, The Food of Vietnam is a journey to the heart of a rich and diverse culture.

An A-One TV advertisement.

#1291: A-One Mì Ly Instant Noodles Mì Tôm Shrimp Flavor

My son and I walked to the store the other day for some flowers and kamaboko. Of course, I can’t resist the noodle aisle and found 6 different styles of these little plastic noodle cups! Thought I’d try this one today. Let’s check it out!

The side panels (click image to enlarge). Contains shrimp. To prepare, empty everything into the cup and add boiling water to the top. Re-cover and steep for 3 minutes. Stir and eat!

Detail of the lid (click image to enlarge).

An included fork! This is an interesting design; folds and snaps?

Here’s the fork in it’s final form.

The noodle block.

Powder base sachet.

Bits of green onion or chive in there.

Vegetable sachet.

Looks like a nice little assortment.

Seasoned oil sachet.

Smells good.

Finally, a sachet of very fine powder.

Chilli powder.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added shrimp and leeks. The noodles are a bit rubbery after the initial 3 minutes, but end up better with an extra couple minutes. They’re not bad, but not amazing. The broth is where it’s at in this one – has a nice shrimp flavor and a surprisingly good amount of heat from the chilli powder. The vegetables are alright too. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 8934684029649.

A video about food in Vietnam.

Re-Review: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Mì Tôm Chua (Sour Shrimp Flavor) Instant Noodles Vietnam Flavor

I recently got a nice box of samples from Duncan T. over at Gemini Food Corp in California. I’d already reviewed them, but I definitely wanted to re-review this one for sure. I last had this in my 97th review – over 1000 reviews ago. Curious about what I’ll think of it these days; it got a low rating at that time and looking at it now makes me think it can’t be that bad! But I guess we’ll see. Let’s check it out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Contains shrimp.

The noodle block. The noodles are really crunchy and tasty raw!

The first of four sachets, the soup base sachet.

A granular mixture.

The chili powder sachet.

Very light powder.

The solid ingredient sachet.

A mixture of shrimp, carrot and dried scallion.

Finally, a liquid base sachet.

Thick and oily.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added red, yellow and orange bell pepper, Walla Walla sweet onion and shrimp I sauteed. The noodles are pretty good. They’re a little chewier than expected but not overly so. The broth has a strong tom yum flavor – spicy and citrus – with a nice shrimp taste as well. The veggies were decent too. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 8934684026730.


Overseas instead of being called Kung-Fu, they’re called A-One. If you look at the first seasoning sachet you’ll see A-One’s logo. Here’s a public sampling of A-One noodles in Vietnam.

#710: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Noodles Mixed Foods Flavor


Been saving this one for just the right day – and here it is! Mixed foods flavor?! Wow this is a fascinating one – never have I found an instant noodle with such a non-descript totle! Surf and turf? Not sure what’s going on here but we’ll give ‘er a try!

To be honest, if you read the ingredients it looks like it’s kind of a seafood bowl (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block.

Powder seasoning.

Very fine powder.

Veggie and dehydrated seafood packet.

Dehydrated naruto and a couple little shrimp in there.

Seasoned oil packet.

Reminds me of an ocean on a sunny day with some seagulls. Yeah I know…

Finished (click image to enlarge). Made a two egg omelet with a little Kikkoman soy sauce and some Melinda’s Garlic Habanero hot sauce. Also added some store brand stir fry veggies and Ajishima Kim Chi furikake on top of those. The noodles are lackluster – kind of stringy and not super happy. The broth is interesting; kind of sweet seafoody like crab. I would say it’s kind of a mixed seafood flavor. The veggies aren’t bad; the shrimp and naruto were kind of passable. I think the title was really what drew me to this one and I’m not surprised with the quality. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 8934684025511 .

Foods from all over the world event in Sweden – looks amazing!

Here’s how to make Vietnamese Mixed Foods Soup!

#670: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Chicken Flavor Instant Rice Noodles

Definitely one that’s been sitting at the bottom of the noodle hamper for a while – it’s barely expired – not worried. Let’s give it a try!

Here’s everything you could possibly want to know (click image to enlarge).

Clockwise from top left: seasoned oil, powder seasoning, chili powder and veggies.

Here we are! Time for boiling water.

Click image to enlarge. Since the bowl was banged up, I figured I ought to put it in a real bowl. Added an egg with some salt and pepper. The noodles are my favorite kind of rice noodles; they’re not chewy and not like angel hair – they’re nice and soft and tasty! The broth is very interesting – definitely an artificial chicken flavor. Has some spiciness to it from the chili powder. The Veggies are very abundant, but they don’t really do a lot for me. Pretty nice though – I liked it. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 8934674032113.

How to make pho!

The bus I rode on coming home from work this afternoon.

#668: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Noodles Vegetarian flavor

Thought I’d eat this before it got too far out of date. Got it at 99 Ranch Market – my wife spotted it and lo and behold, I hadn’t reviewed it. Here we go…

Close up of the ingredients, directions and nutrition facts (click image to enlarge).

From left to right: seasoned oil, veggies and powdered seasoning.

Everything awaits the boiling water.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added one scrambled egg that I infused with Old Bay Garlic & Herb seasoning and also added a few splashes of Tabasco Jalapeno hot sauce. The noodles themselves aren’t too bad actually – almost a buttry flavor. The broth though was really bland I thought. Really lacked a lot of flavor. I ended up salting the noodles – something I only have done maybe twice. Not my favorite. 2.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 8934684025573 .

Aulacese Royal Veggie Noodle Soup

Korean Pizza Hut shown by the Eat Your Kimchi folks!

#613: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Noodles Artificial Pork Flavor

The last noodles were so bad that I had to toss them. What a waste! Ah well, this should be good enough to eat!!!

Here’s the nutrition and ingredients and directions. Click image to enlarge.

From left to right: veggies/fake pork bits, seasoned oil and powder seasoning.

Wow this looks like an angry bowl! Let’s see if it’s good!

Click image to enlarge. Two fried eggs were added. Well, this is much better than the last one! The noodles are good, though could be a touch fluffier. The broth is tasty with a light bit of spiciness. The veggies and funky fake meat barely affect the dish at all; easy to overlook. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Tourism video about Saigon

Moroder interview.


#474: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Shrimp & Crab Flavor Instant Rice Noodles

Something else from Saigon Ve Wong – Shrimp & Crab flavor! I sure found a lot of these down in California at the Dublin 99 Ranch Market. They’re pretty cheap too – I think these were around a dollar. I recently had a request that I include the prices of these noodles on my reviews – and that’s going to be a little tricky… See, when I go noodle hunting, I end up getting as many new kinds as I can and a lot of the time the receipt has a list – and extremely cryptic listings. So I’ll do my best – I can do an ‘around’ pricing kind of deal. So yeah – this was around a buck. Anyways…

Four packets! Sweet! Starting top left going clockwise: veggies, seasoned oil, powder soup base, chili powder.

Everything sitting atop some rice noodles.

Click image to enlarge. Added two fried eggs with a little bit of Cavender’s All-Purpose Greek Seasoning (really awesome stuff – if you haven’t tried it, check it out here). So this was better than I expected – the noodles came out a little more al dente than usual – usually a complaint but it worked here. The broth was very tasty – lots of nice veggies and bits of shrimp. I was very happy with this one – 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Vietnamese noodle fondue? Oh wow this looks really cool!

Travel video about Vietnam – looks pretty interesting!

#466: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Rice Noodles Artificial Beef Flavor

Some beef tonight. This is beef noodle soup – pho bo. Artificial beef though… Shall we?

Clockwise from top left: vegetables, seasoned oil, powdered soup base, chili powder. Four packets – not too shabby!

Kind of a funky mess – weird but should be good I think.

Click image to enlarge. I added a smidge of roast beef. So it’s tasty! The broth has a nice pho bo flavor that’s for sure. Noodles are good too. A little touch of spiciness is very nice. All in all, I liked it! Decent interpretation of pho. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Ve Wong commercial – not for this but closest I could find.

Quite a few visitors to The Ramen Rater from Brazil lately – Evil Noodles is a short film from Brazil!

381: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Beef Flavor Vietnam Flavor

So I’ve reviewed quite a few of these so had to look to make sure I hadn’t already! But nope not yet so here we go!

Three packets – powder soup, seasoned oil and veggies and TVP meat! TVP is textured vegetable protein. It’s some amazing stuff!

Done well, TVP can be really nice – you can see the funky bits in with the veggies.

Click image to enlarge. Added two fried eggs and a little Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning. Shazam! Wow very tasty! The noodles were just right and the broth was a little spicy but also nice and hearty. The Veggies were everywhere and the TVP meat bits were the best I’ve ever had – chewy and almost fatty! I really am quite impressed with this one! 4.25 out of 5.0 stars!

#367: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Chicken Flavor Vietnam Flavor

Didn’t think this wasn’t a repeat review but yeah – this is new! So here we go!

Veggies, soup base powder, seasoned oil.

Colorful ingredients!

Click image to enlarge. One egg was added while the noodles boiled. Pretty decent stuff although it seemed a little spicier than one would expect for chicken flavor noodles. It did have a nice surprise in that it had soya protein fake chicken in it so that was fun and weird. I liked it okay enough. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

Looks like a lot of soy sauce to put into that meal!

Excellent film – live action Dr Seuss from 1953! Its here in it entirety!

#288: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Rice Noodles

Some rice noodles from Vietnam. This was a puffy pack – like a pillow of non-beef goodness!

Clockwise from top left: soup powder, garnish (veg), chili powder and seasoned oil.

The rice noodles were in a plastic bad.

The seasonings sit atop the noodle block awaiting 400cc of boiling water.

Click image to enlarge. We made Korean BBQ last night so my lady kept out a little of the beef for me! I threw it in with the water as it boiled and then poured it and the water over the noodles and seasonings and covered. A quick stir after a few minutes and here we are.  The broth was nice – thick and hearty. The noodles were broad but a little oily from the soup and a little hard to eat. Adding the beef really helped it I think. Anyways, I liked it and throwing it 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

Best noodle commercial ever.