#274: Ve Wong Kung-Fu Instant Oriental Noodle Soup Artificial Soybean Paste Flavor

So this is something I have been meaning to try for a while and have been scoffed at for doing wrong in the past, so here goes. You’ll see quickly that this isn’t your standard pack of noodles…

Packet of paste, packet of powder…

Yeah pretty different huh? Cook the noodles, drain but keep the water, add seasoning to the soup and stir and paste to the noodles and stir.

Indeed, here are the two bowls!

The soup.

And finally the noodles. Well, I was pretty blown away by the results. Good stuff! The noodles were tasty with a bit of a salty and hot bite and almost tasted like bits of pork in there. I found myself instinctively going to the soup to cool off the intense paste flavor. The soup was a salty affair – thin and mellow. It cooled the heat and all in all, the two complimented each other quite nicely. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars – wasn’t expecting to be giving this such high marks, but it deserves them.

Ninjas rock! Big time!


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