Re-Review: Indomie Mi Goreng Rasa Ayam Panggang Jumbo Barbecue Chicken Flavour Fried Instant Noodles

So I got a message this morning from a gentleman in Denmark who thought that Indomie’s special fried curly noodles were some of the best stuff he’s ever had. I must agree! Coincidentally, I found a pack of this stuff sitting in the cupboard and thought that the barbecue chicken flavor really could use a re-review. So come on and follow me on a journey into the world of tasty noodles!

Okay – from left to right: powder, veggies, seasoned oil, chili sauce (manis pedas) and sweet soy sauce (kecap manis).

Here’s everything but the veggies sitting in a bowl.

Here are the veggies sitting atop the block awaiting a bath in boiling water.

Click image to enlarge. Added one jumbo fried egg with a soft yolk, some pink pickled ginger (kizami shoga) and some fried shallots. This is absolutely divine. I love giving this stuff 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. It just works so well and tastes so good. I recommend it to everyone everywhere –  especially with the egg! I found a place online to get it but it’s the non-jumbo size packs. They’re here.

Just to remind, I’m giving this 5.0 out of 5.0 – this is one of the best all time noodles I’ve ever tasted. Get it here.

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Wow – looks like you can get free recipes if you send a letter for them in Jakarta, Indonesia. Might be worth a try!


  1. Just heard of this site and wanted to see how my favourite instant ramen stacked up… and I feel vindicated to discover it’s #2 of all time! Damn, I new these were good noodles!

    This stuff is insanely good…. Often times I’ll be at home considering Chinese delivery, which here in Cape Town would cost me a small fortune, but then I think about my R5 (like 50c US) pack of Indomie and honestly with a fried egg and what have you its just as good….

    We don’t have the greatest selection of instant ramen in South Africa, unless you seek out some Asian-centric supplier, but thankfully our biggest supermarket chain has started stocking this (alongside the usual garbage, including the god awful instant noodles from Fattis & Monis) and I have kept a steady supply in my pantry and sing its praises to anyone who will listen. I knew I had good taste, but it’s always nice to hear you’re not alone! Number 2! Yes!!

    1. Pedro –

      Ueah it’s been a few years since it held that rank but it’s definitely up there still and one of my all time favorites. Wow — South African instant noodles. Are there local brands? Is the one you mentioned local? Wonder if you might be inclined to send a sample – even if it’s not your favorite, I try to review everything under the sun!

      – TRR

  2. Hi! I live in Indonesia. I don’t know if the company had different product for local and foreign market, but here in Indonesia the jumbo and regular one, though have same flavour, had different noodle texture and no dry vegetables (the regular one)

    personally, I like the jumbo more than the regular 🙂

  3. This is my husbands favorite by far! He would be a ramentarian if we had cases of this. It really is good!

  4. Just a little correction about the video. It’s an Indomie recipe competition ad. It says: send your recipe with Indomie as the main ingredients. The result must be still in the shape of noodle (not made into casseroles, for example), and the winner will get money prize and the recipes included in Indomie Recipe Book. Maybe you can get the recipe book if you contact Indofood? 😀

  5. This was my fave noodle before i gave up on instant noodle (for some reasons they give me acne). My best comfort food ever!!!

  6. […] First off, it’s a jumbo pack, which is helpful as this is such a great tasting package of instant noodles. Second, it comes with a whopping five seasonings – from sweet soy sauce to spicy chili sauce. The noodles are served drained without a broth. The flavorings in concert with a couple fried eggs, some pickled ginger and fried shallots make this one not to miss. Original Review […]

  7. You have this one right on Hans. Absolutely delicious.
    I am not a big fan of heat so I only added half of the chili packet. I think its is the same of very simular to ‘the rooster’ sauce.
    First ramen I had that said to drain completely.

    I always add the correct amount of water to cook to all my ramens, but I usually poor most of the water off before adding the packets. It gives it a stronger flavor and makes it easier to eat with chop sticks. I should have bought Two of them as I can eat another one right now.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the ‘I wish I bought two of them’ remark! Yeah this stuff is like candy isn’t it? The chili packet’s not the same as the rooster – Sriracha – sauce. It’s a sweet chili sauce instead of the Sriracha which is basically mashed chilies and garlic.
      Did you try with the ginger and eggs and fried shallot? I’m telling you that’s what makes the whole thing the best. Welcome to the high powered world of the uber ramen!

      – The Ramen Rater

  8. I hope this won’t make me labeled as a shameless marketer here (as I honestly am just a customer of the site), but I know a website where we can get the tasty noodles (and other variants of flavors as well) ordered online. You can try I’m an Indonesian student living in the U.S. for this past whole year and that site has helped me a lot since we don’t have a lot of Indonesian products here in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

  9. This always looks so good. I’m going to check my local asian food mart as soon as possible to see if they have mi goreng ramen. I’m not one for runny yolks, but egg in ramen sounds like a good combination to me anyway. ^_^ I’d probably leave out the ginger though since it tastes like a pine tree to me. Lately, I’ve been making my own gyoza to eat with my ramen. It’s awesome.

  10. Stir-fried walrus? Really? Where can I get that?
    *Really fun site, found you on– had to make a bowl of ramen to enjoy as I read. Mine is plain ole Top Ramen Chicken Flavor, I add carrots and sliced white onion to the water, bring it to a boil, add flavor packet and noodles- at the end I add a ton of black pepper some soy sauce and dig in with the biggest spork in my kitchen. 🙂
    Stir fried walrus, don’t forget…

  11. I agree man. This stuff rules! It’s also great with the egg, and a tiny bit of stir-fried walrus and capsicum. Makes my day!!

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