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#4184: Poco Kitchen Pork & Ginger Ramen – United States

#4184: Poco Kitchen Pork & Ginger Ramen - United States

I remember a few weeks ago looking at my browser – repeatedly, I would see this same ad. I finally, figured it was a demand that I reach out to this company and so I did. I was sent samples, and now we get to try them! When I initially saw their offerings, I thought these were boil in bag or microwave varieties. That’s not the case – they’re cook on stove – and I’m really curious how they’re going to be. Well, let’s find out! ...see full post

#3252: Shin Horng Lukang Thin Noodles Ginger & Sesame Oil Flavor – Taiwan

Shin Horng Lukang Thin Noodles Ginger & Sesame Oil Flavor - Taiwan

I often end up at 99 Ranch Market to pick up mung bean sprouts, other produce, and other things once every week or so. It’s a chain of Asian markets that started on the west coast but after looking at their site, they’ve popped up all over the United States – which is good – they’ve got lots of neat stuff. ...see full post

#972: Meet The Manufacturer: Annie Chun’s Soup Bowl Chinese Chicken

This is it – the last of the nine Annie Chun’s samples that were sent for Meet The Manufacturer. It’s definitely been an interesting jaunt! Some I really liked quite a bit, some I didn’t like so much. What’s very evident here is that Annie Chun’s definitely has a wide range of flavors. The last one is Chinese Chicken. ...see full post

A New Thai Chili Sauce From Apinya Thai Food Co.!

I saw something about a Thai chili sauce mentioned on my favorite hot sauce group on facebook recently. It got me wondering if it would be something that could be an alternative to the standard big bottle of Sriracha that I usually go for. I tracked down the company and asked if they could possibly send a sample – a few days later, it arrived! ...see full post