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#4601: Indomie Hype Abis Mi Kuah Rasa Seblak Hot Jeletot – Indonesia

#4601: Indomie Hype Abis Mi Kuah Rasa Seblak Hot Jeletot - Indonesia

To begin, thanks to Pher Engi for sending this along with so many untried Indonesian varieties! Seblak Hot Jeletot. I searched and almost immediately found a site familiar to me – minime insights. This guy does market analysis on food trends and new things – he’s mentioned me in the past and I’ve check out his site quite a bit to find out about different products. In his post, he answers a lot of my questions, and leaves me with a little dilemma. First, this is a trending flavor. Second, jeletot turns out to be a Sundanese word (great now I have to figure out that Sundanese is) which means so hot your eyes pop out! ...see full post

#4592: Kobe Jiwa Pagi Mi Instan Rasa Soto Segeer – Indonesia

#4592: Kobe Jiwa Pagi Mi Instan Rasa Soto Segeer - Indonesia

First and foremost, thanks to Pher Engi for sending this over! Soto segeer means ‘fresh soto.’ I did a little research and found that Jiwa Pagi means ‘morning soul.’ These noodles contain carrot and green beans – also no MSG here. These are healthy variety. Sounds interesting – this also the same company (Kobe) that makes the BonCabe instant noodles and seasonings. Oh, you might not know what soto is to begin with – Wikipedia, if you please… ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2664: Maitri Instant Noodle Vegetarian Soup Flavor

Meet The Manufacturer: #2664: Maitri Instant Noodle Vegetarian Soup Flavor

Here’s another vegetarian one from Maitri – this one being an instant noodle with broth. As I have to remind people, I won’t be coming out with a top ten vegetarian list. I wish I could, but it’s just a point of so much contention I should go a little into it. ...see full post

#1390: Indomie Mi Goreng Rasa Iga Penyet

Here’s one I’ve been waiting for just the right day to try. Iga Penyet is a dish which is extremely popular in Jakarta, Indonesia. But, exactly what is it? Well, from looking around, I found that it translates to Smashed Beef Ribs ala Jakarta. I’ve also seen it referred to as Fried Beef Ribs. Either way, beef ribs and a spicy sambal sauce are involved, as well as garlic. I didn’t have any beef ribs to cook alongside, but I’ll figure something out – let’s check out this Indomie Iga Penyet! ...see full post

#1331: Indomie Taste Of Asia Mi Kuah Rasa Tom Yum Ala Thailand

I’ve been asked about this special series from Indomie for a long time and finally got my hands on some! Indomie’s Taste Of Asia line has three components: Laksa representing Singapore, Bulgogi representing South Korea, and finally Tom Yum to represent Thailand. I thought since I embark on a new Meet The Manufacturer tomorrow, I’d try something a little different. So Tom Yum is a Thai soup, usually with very strong spiciness and citrus flavors. I’m very curious as to how they’ll do this one. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1232: GaGa Mie Gepeng Kuah Rasa Ayam Bawang Pedas (Spicy Garlic Sauce Chicken)

After looking at the new The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Indonesian Instant Noodles Of All Time 2013 Edition and talking with people from around the world about it all week, I felt like having some Indonesian noodles! To translate, rasa means flavor, bawang is garlic, ayam is chicken and pedas means spicy. Let’s give this one a try! ...see full post

#1177: Mi ABC Mi Instan Rebus Rasa Ayam Bawang (Onion Chicken Flavour)

Another one sent by my friend in Indonesia – thank you! A little translation. So it’s onion chicken flavor – rasa means flavor, bawang is onion and ayam chicken. Mi instan is instant noodle, but rebus? Rebus translated to boiled and here I think refers to the noodles being ‘cooking noodles.’ As I’ve mentioned in the past, what makes a noodle ‘instant’ is the fact that you can put the noodle block and seasonings in a bowl, add boiling water and then cover for a few minutes, stir and eat. Anyways, let’s check out this Indonesian variant. ...see full post

#1126: GaGa Mie Gepeng Goreng Rasa Ayam Lada Hitam

In the last day, lots of people have been coming to The Ramen Rater from Indonesia! One person who commented via the facebook page said”you should try this one fried noddle, it has black pepper flavour. will not disappoint you :)” (for those wondering, this is friend black pepper chicken flavor noodles).  I looked through the box of varieties my friend in Jakarta sent me and lo and behold, I had it in there! Thank you very much! Let’s check this one out! ...see full post

#1082: Indomie Mi Instan Mi Goreng Rasa Cabe Ijo

Well folks, this has been a long time coming. Indofood tried sending some, but it got snagged in customs around Christmas 2012, and then a reader from Indonesia sent a big pack of varieties and this was in the package – which we both thought wouldn’t make it, but it arrived via seamail after a sixty-six day journey. This is going to be a neat review – it’s supposed to be ultra hot and spicy! Not only that, it’s supposed to be green! Their press release says it “draws inspirations from the traditional food of Padang that has been a popular delicacy among Indonesians.” Let’s check it out! ...see full post