#1331: Indomie Taste Of Asia Mi Kuah Rasa Tom Yum Ala Thailand

I’ve been asked about this special series from Indomie for a long time and finally got my hands on some! Indomie’s Taste Of Asia line has three components: Laksa representing Singapore, Bulgogi representing South Korea, and finally Tom Yum to represent Thailand. I thought since I embark on a new Meet The Manufacturer tomorrow, I’d try something a little different. So Tom Yum is a Thai soup, usually with very strong spiciness and citrus flavors. I’m very curious as to how they’ll do this one. Let’s check it out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Looks like it may contain shrimp in the garnish. To prepare, boil 400cc water. Add noodles and garnish sachet contents for 3 minutes. While cooking, put contents of paste sachet in a bowl. Once noodles are done, pour into the bowl and stir well. Enjoy!

The noodle block.

The paste sachet.

A thick paste and oil. I’m not detecting the strong citrus scent I was expecting; but the proof’s in the cooking. I’ve had some varieties in the past I’ve found to be really foul smelling when it came to the pastes, and then when everything was cooked and combined it was some really excellent stuff. This doesn’t smell bad at all, just not what I was expecting.

The garnish sachet.

What are the round things? Sliced shrimp ball.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added lime, Thai chillies, fish balls, shrimp, cardamom (cilantro), sweet onion and BonCabe Level 10 chilli seasoning. The noodles are good – thick gauge and nice texture. The broth was a surprise. I get cardamom and citrus and a bit of spiciness, but there’s a bit of a sweet soy sauce kind of thing going on as well which seems really odd. Odd that they would use it but decent in the mix. The garnish was very nice – hydrated well and was of excellent quality. Was like a fusion going on. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.  UPC bar code 089686043525.

Here’s an Indomie commercial for their Taste Of Asia line, focusing on the Bulgogi variant.

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