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Re-Review: Maruchan Creamy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

Found these at Walmart yesterday – or wait that was today… We decided to go shopping at 1am – figured we’d beat the crowds… Well, we did beat the crowds but they were restocking – pretty amazing all the pallets they load there at night! Wow… Anyways, creamy chicken sounded good. Here’s the original review and I’ll do a really in-depth re-review soon! ...see full post

#337: Maruchan Creamy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

Yeah – seriously. I’ve always liked this kind of thing – I know Nissin Top Ramen had a variety in the past too… So let’s try this out. ...see full post

#326: Little Cook Instant Noodles TVP Curry Chicken Flavoured

So here’s another of the big ole Little Cook bowls. I would like to say first that curried chicken is one of the favorite things of mine. Let’s see if it’s good. ...see full post

Re-Review: Indomie Mi Goreng Rasa Ayam Panggang Jumbo Barbecue Chicken Flavour Fried Instant Noodles

So I got a message this morning from a gentleman in Denmark who thought that Indomie’s special fried curly noodles were some of the best stuff he’s ever had. I must agree! Coincidentally, I found a pack of this stuff sitting in the cupboard and thought that the barbecue chicken flavor really could use a re-review. So come on and follow me on a journey into the world of tasty noodles! ...see full post

#232: Indomie Jumbo Mi Goreng Rasa Daging Sapi Beef Flavour Fried Instant Noodles

Uber. Good stuff for sure. I’m going to spare the pleasantries and just say this stuff kicks some ass. On to the reality of the best stuff. ...see full post

#226: Nissin Chow Noodles Cheddar Cheese Flavor Ramen Noodles

Before anyone gets their panties in a proverbial ruffle, look at the lower right hand corner. It says ramen noodles. ...see full post

#73: Nissin Demae Ramen Five Spices Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Noodles

I’ve been enjoying trying every flavor of Nissin Demae that 99 Ranch carries lately, so onward we go with the five spices artificial beef flavor. ...see full post