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Interview With Kiki Noodle - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater - Meet The Manufacturer

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I got an email from someone at a company I’d never heard of with samples they wanted me to try. I love when this happens; happily,I get to try something new and learn some new things. In this case, a Taiwanese company called Kiki. Without further ado, let’s start things off with this interview with Chester Yeung of Kiki Noodle.

Interview With Kiki Noodle – Taiwan

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you for agreeing to this interview! To start, can you tell my readers about the history of Kiki Noodle?

KIKI> We have been running our restaurant for 26 years focusing mainly in Sichuan cuisine. Having said that we always put healthy, tasty together with safety as our objectives. We focus very much on noodle – as a main staple food for the Easterners. By using our knowledge and experience in making food, we aim to develop our own type of noodles with the best taste and texture, so as to provide a convenience but yet healthy choice to customers. 2015 marks the birth of pre- packed KiKi noodle, a head start after 26 years of experience accumulation.

TRR> What was the first product you made?

KIKI> Our first pre- packed noodle are Kiki Noodle mixed with Sichuan Spices and Kiki Noodle mixed with Scallion oil & soy sauce

TRR> Your company is located in Taiwan. Can you tell us a little about your country?

KIKI> Taiwan is a beautiful island that dwells 23 million people, with mild climate, our people are friendly and welcoming

TRR> Can you tell us about the varieties of instant noodles you make?

KIKI> We currently producing 2 flavors- Sichuan spices and Scallion oil with soy Sauce. Very soon we will launch new flavor with aged vinegar based sauce mixed noodle with spicy and non- spicy options too

TRR> Why the name Kiki?

KIKI> As we said, the name KiKi is to carry on the brand name of our restaurant

TRR> In what countries are your products available?

KIKI> Apart from Taiwan, currently our product are sold in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore and Australia

TRR> How does your noodle making process differ from other instant noodle manufacturers?

KIKI> Unlike the ordinary deep- fried instant noodle; We adopt the traditional noodle making method – air drying by daylight for 48 hours with absolute zero preservative added. By this mean, the natural flavor of wheat flour is retained in our noodle.

TRR> Are instant noodles the only products you make?

KIKI> We will also launch readymade numb and spicy sauce, seasoning powder and instant Sichuan meal etc.

TRR> A lot of people are concerned with their sodium intake. How would you recommend people enjoy your product as part of a healthy meal?

KIKI> Making Healthy and tasty food is being our main objective, and hence we have spent a lot of time in developing KiKi Noodle, I can tell you that our seasoning has lower sodium content than the other instant noodle. Thanks to the special formula of spices mix that developed in our restaurant

TRR> Are you involved in in your local community or participate in charities?

KIKI> We always actively involved in community activities including donation to those charities that taking care of the Social vulnerable groups.

TRR> Are there any new products coming soon?

KIKI> Definitely, we are quite busy at the moment since we have a packed schedule rolling out our new products including 2 new flavor for KiKi Noodle, instant pack for Sichuan Seasoning, numb & spicy sauce as well as seasoning powder.

TRR> When you make noodles for yourself, what do you like to add to them to make them extra special?

KIKI> I personally would go for a soft boil egg with runny yolk, together with some veggie and slices of meat, if I am staving, I would go for luncheon meat wih sunny side up egg.

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn about Kiki Noodle and your products!

Alright – let’s have a look at their products!

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