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Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Kiki Noodle

#2430: MeeKuali Bihun Sup Rempah Perisa Daging

#2430: MeeKuali Bihun Sup Rempah Perisa Daging - Malaysia - The Ramen Rater - rice vermicelli

This is something new from MyKuali as part of their new MeeKuali line. It’s a beef flavor rice vermicelli! The packaging and everything is definitely a departure from their regular MyKuali line which is very popular and are some of my favorites I’ve ever tried. I looked up rempah on Wikipedia and found this – ...see full post

Friday Video: The Instagram Instant Noodle Research Study

Today is Halloween and I thought I’d post something a little different. I spend a lot of time posting on instagram and perusing other people’s instant noodle related posts on there as well. I thought I would pick a standard instant noodle related hashtag and see what interesting things would pop up, then I would share my conclusions. The hashtag is #topramen. ...see full post

The Convenient Companion for Ramen Seasonings

Hi, I’m Eric, longtime fan and new RR contributor!

When I have soup I like adding lots of different ingredients to them. Powdered ginger, salt, chili powder, galangal powder, etc. But after a while all those bottles started piling up on the table and taking up so much room! So I found a solution to this problem: the multi-spice shaker! ...see full post

#73: Nissin Demae Ramen Five Spices Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Noodles

I’ve been enjoying trying every flavor of Nissin Demae that 99 Ranch carries lately, so onward we go with the five spices artificial beef flavor. ...see full post