#711: Nongshim Hearty Beef Rice Noodle Soup

I thought today I’d review this one, sent to me by the nice folks at Ramen Place – thanks! Was thinking it would go nicely with some of the stir fry veggies I’ve been enjoying lately. I also talked with Ray from Nongshim today – found out a little bit of information that you might find interesting if you didn’t know. Nongshim’s logo is a seed, and Nongshim translates to ‘Farmer’s Heart.’ I like that – and we’ll see how I like these noodles now!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Hey – what’s that? A sweepstakes mention on the left side?

Aww I missed the deadline! Click image to enlarge.

Here’s the noodles all ready to go.

Here’s the dry soup base packet.

I took a little taste – mmm garlicky!

Here’s the veggie packet.

…and the veggies – quite a nice amount of them too!

Decided to open up a bottle of my homemade hot sauce. It’s just over a year old and there aren’t many left! Made it for our wedding! Fresno peppers, cilantro, garlic, tomatillo, xanthan gum and vinegar.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added a two egg omelet with a little bit of shredded cheese, some of my hot sauce, oregano and Krazy Mixed Up Salt on top. I added some store brand stir fry veggies and a little Ajishima Kim Chi furikake to the noodles. Starting with the noodles: these are now my favorite rice noodles now. They’re not overly chewy and have a nice consistency that I’ve not found in rice noodles before; they’re usually drier and chewier. I do like broad rice noodles too, but these are very nice for their gauge. The broth was nice – a creamy color and a nice taste of beef. The veggies were good too – re-hydrated nicely. I liked this one a lot! 4.25 out of 5.0 stars – a pleasant surprise! UPC barcode 031146012190 – get it here.

Commercial for this product!

IU in HooRooRook commercial

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