#674: Paldo (Korea Yakult) Kko Kko Myun

Here’s something extra special, sent by Chris H. of Westport, CT. This is the extremely popular Kko Kko Myun. What I know is that this is made using chicken broth instead of spicy red peppers. It is based on a recipe created by Korean comedian Lee Kyung-kyu. It has an unusual white broth – everything for the most part coming out of Korea has that bright red chili-infused broth. In the first five months of this stuff being released in Korea, they sold 100 million packs! Very popular! So here we go with a review – this is from Korea and not a regular export so the packaging doesn’t have all of its info, but hopefully you can glean info from the nutrition facts, etc off of the label.

There’s a picture of Lee Kyung-kyu on the back. If anyone could translate all of this, I’d be happy to include it! Click image to enlarge.

The noodle block! Big and solid.

Within is contained the chicken broth based powder seasoning – I’m very curious!

Oh wow – I didn’t expect this. So yesterday, my wife had to go to the hospital and I had a lot of time to spend in the lobby waiting for her to come out safe and sound. Well, I got some snacks – one being a bag of Munchies – Jalapeno flavor. Well, the munchies have various snacks all put together like a mix, one of them being Jalapeno Cheese Cheetos. Guess what? This stuff smells exactly the same. I tasted a tiny speck of it and sure enough – exactly the same! This isn’t a negative by any means; I like Jalapeno Cheetos quite a bit! Just a bit of a surprise.

Here’s the vegetable packet.

A decent amount of veggies in there – looks like a nice amount of green onions too – which I like very much.

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the finished product in it’s unmodified state. First, the noodles – standard and of very good quality for Paldo’s products. The broth: light in color and spicy – Jalapeno spicy! It works very well and is very different from anything Korean that I’ve ever had. The veggies are perfect for the dish and of a good quality. I like this a lot and I can see why those in Korea are going crazy over it. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars – excellent quality and flavor. UPC barcode 8801128509770 – get it here!

Kko Kko Myun TV commercial!

Lee Kyung-Kyu wins Daesang Award


  1. Now available in US (or Southern California at least) with cooking directions and nutritional facts in English too. LOL I just pick up a bag of em at this one random Asian grocery store when I went grocery shopping with my mom this afternoon. 🙂

    I can provide the cooking instructions and nutrition facts if you want. 😀

    This one is quite nice, but for some reason I like Kiss Myeon more. x) if somehow you think its not spicy enough, eat it with kimchi! its spicier and tastes better (though keep in mind that kimchi is an acquired taste ;D)

  2. […] #8: Paldo (Korea Yakult) Kko Kko Myun – South Korea The result of a comedian on a competition TV show in South Korea, Kko Kko Myun has been a huge craze. The flavor is a jalapeno chicken – and the jalapeno is nice and strong. Has a real good bite to it. Original review […]

  3. Recently discovered these in a local Asian foods shop here in sleepy Devon, England. Fantastic, the best instant noodles I’ve had. As others have said, the chicken flavoured soup base and the dried veggies are good. The rehydrated noodles had a good texture. These will become a regular purchase for me from now.

  4. Ooh famous Kko kko myun, thanks for the review. I’m going to try to find it at the local Korean grocery. Do you know that Lee Kyung-kyu came up with this recipe for a ramen contest for his tv show “Qualifications of Men”? I actually watched the episodes where he competed with this recipe and won.

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