#546: Yum Yum Oriental Style Instant Noodles Vegetable Flavour

Vegetable flavor huh? Vegetables are supposedly something that makes one healthy. I don’t think they’re present in much of a relevant amount here, but let’s see what we’ve got.

Seasoning powder and seasoned oil at the ready.  I just read in the ingredients: “vegetables in varying proportions: garlic, onion, carrot and onion leaf.

I had to get a pic of the ingredient list in all the languages. I also noticed that empty white field in the upper right quadrant – I wonder if one could just put an address on it and ship it off?

A bowl of seasonings awaiting the noodles…

Click image to enlarge. So here we are – I pan scrambled a couple of eggs and then kind of flipped them over on themselves oddly. I topped them with some fried shallot. The noodles were pretty good and of a decent quality and despite the size of the package, the noodles were of a decent quantity as well. The broth had a nice taste to it, although I don’t know how easily I would discern the difference from chicken flavor or vegetable flavor; perhaps the vegetable doesn’t have that light fake butter flavoring in it. The little tiny bits of vegetables that were present were nice. A good bowl of noodles – 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Rad Yum Yum commercial!

The shallots I used come in a little container and are dry and super good but not like these which look absolutly awesome. I think I’ll be trying this out sometime!


  1. I tried out Yum Yum for the first time recently (they ship to Pakistan too now, apparently) and I had no problem picking out the vegetable flavor from the chicken. In my opinion, it’s a very strong flavor. Either that, or maybe my tastebuds have already been conditioned to detect it because we plenty of other vegetable flavored packaged foodstuffs available here.

  2. Apparently you can slap an address label sticker onto a tire, and ship it that way. Although those noodles would probably be crushed if you sent em through the mail like that.

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