#502: Sunlee Pho Bo Instant Rice Stick Artificial Beef Flavour Bowl

So this looks interesting – a square bowl! It’s also Sunlee brand which I’ve enjoyed in the past. Got this at a nice little shop in Anaheim while we were doing Disneyland.

Rice stick? Beef and sticks of rice… Sounds like fun!

A few packets and a fork! Oil, veggies and seasoning powder

Here’s everything out of the packet atop the noodles. I like the color of the oil and the veggies against the rice sticks…

Click image to enlarge. So you add 360cc water and cover it for a few minutes and presto! Not too shabby – I wish the noodles had been a little more done. I let them sit extra long too. Maybe that’s what makes it ‘stick.’ Anyways, the flavor was nice and beefish and the broth was tasty. The broth did however have some greasiness that didn’t jibe right with the noodles and kind of knocked everything off kilter and made the meal seem like an afterthought as the packaging was very attractive.  I saw this same thing happen with the Fashion Foods varieties I’ve reviewed before. 2.0 out of 5.0 stars. It could’ve been done a little differently and been quite nice but honestly it was a trainwreck.

I looked up Sunlee TVC on YouTube and this was right up there… Interesting…

An old film about propaganda.


  1. Well, I sort of have a fake/spam facebook account that I use for stuff. I did like your page on it, though. But I never really log into that account. Its not even my real name on it. I dont really have a use for a real facebook..not enough actual friends for that x-D

  2. Looks like sunlee has updated their packaging to copy fashion food – much better! I had the pho ga bowl recently but didnt really like it. I wish I could get my hands on some pho bo ones though. I think the FF version of pho bo is actually a fried wheat noodle which is odd for pho. The sunlee pho ga bowl I thought was kinda salty and greasy with really small portion size. It looks like they might have increased the portion? I actually bought some thin rice noodles and I’m gonna start adding those in to the bowls I think are skimpy on the noodles. Looks like all the greenery disappeared from this one or sunk to the bottom!

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