May 25, 2020

India Style Prison Burrito – Instant Noodle Recipe Time

I’ve been doing these Prison Style Burritos for a while – usually with varieties not found by inmates in prisons. I went to India Supermarket over in Bellevue, Washington yesterday and got these ingredients and made this monstrosity. Enjoy!

India Style Prison Burrito – Instant Noodle Recipe Time

Here’s a video where I put it all together.

Here’s a pic of the cross section (click to enlarge).

Finished (click to enlarge). I added a little coriander I had. I think maybe a little mango chutney, maybe some different namkeens with nuts and raisins might have helped. The flavor was nice – everything was masala. Yeah definitely a good masala hit to it, and texturewise the potato chips definitely gave everything a little grit I wasn’t super fond of. However, maybe some peas would have done it a little more justice, I don’t know. All in all, it was a good testbed and fun to do, so give it a try! Hey, it’s pretty cheap to make!