Indomie Prison Ramen Burrito – Instant Noodle Recipe Time

How do you feel? Yeah – you feel better knowing you can make a lovely burrito out of Indomie Mi Goreng now, don’t you? Well, watch the video and then you will. I’ll walk you through the incredibly easy process step by step.

Note – an article I found mentioned I got these ingredients on Amazon. Actually, you can get them there or you can get them where I did – in Edmonds, Washington at a little store full of awesome Indonesian food called Waroeng Jajanan!

Waroeng Jajanan – 22315 Hwy 99 Suite I – Edmonds WA 98026  Phone: 425 412 7025 –

Indomie Prison Ramen Burrito – Instant Noodle Recipe Time

You can get everything you’ll need on Amazon for this – Chitato Indomie chips, ZONA or Rotary Kerupuk Aci, and of course the Indomie!

Here is the glory (click to enlarge). Everything you need to know is right there in the video above! It came out perfectly in this experiment (never made this before so lucked out). Make it yourself and send pictures!