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IWOOT – Great Japanese Ramen Themed Gifts + Coupon Code – Unboxing Time Part 1

I was contacted last month by an outfit called IWOOT in the UK. They have a line of neat ramen related products – like mugs, shirts, posters, etc. They asked if I’d share some of them and I said sure! Here’s the first of two unboxing times showcasing their stuff! By the way, they also ship to the United States! Check out IWOOT and use the coupon code THERAMENRATER for 20% off your order! ...see full post

A Special Box From Prima Taste Of Singapore

Prima Taste has made some really top notch products. I should say, the top notchiest products since their Wholegrain Singapore LAksa La Mian has topped my annual Top Ten Instant Noodle Of All Time lists for the past 4 years. I got a package I wasn’t expecting from them yesterday – and we opened it! ...see full post

Mr Lee’s Noodles Samples From The UK

I was contacted by this company about doing some reviews – these products will be here int he United States soon, so here’s a sneak peek! Thank you to the folks at Mr Lee’s for this nice box! ...see full post

Paldo Local South Korean Instant Ramen Noodle Varieties

So I’ve been getting a lot of neat samples from Paldo South Korea lately! This one’s a box with less export kind of things and more local styled varieties. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

Prison Ramen: Maruchan Texas Beef Donation

Prison Ramen: Maruchan Texas Beef Donation

Oh wow – okay so I’ve been trying to get instant noodles that inmates at jails and prisons were able to buy. You’d think they’d be the same old regular instant varieties everyone can get? ...see full post

Ramen Trunk Super High End Japanese Ramen Subscription Box + Coupon

Wanna see something different? This is a super premium and high end ramen subscription box from Japan. It’s full of neat stuff and I’ll let you just take a look because it’s pretty rad! Get a Ramen Trunk at http://bit.ly/ramentrunk Use coupon code RAMENRATER20OFF for 20% off a subscription or single gift box! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Way Premium Foods – Malaysia

Here we go with a big box of samples from a company that has it’s main roots in sauces and now makes a range of noodle products! Let’s check it out! ...see full post