Unboxing Time: Kanto Ramen Shop Set From Ippin

Unboxing Time: Kanto Ramen Shop Set From Ippin

Today we have a special set of fancy ramen. I was asked by IIppin to pick five things to check out from their store to show everyone. Ippin is an online retailer of very fancy Japanese things.  Thanks! This set looked like a good bet. The package arrived from Japan yesterday. Busy day yesterday was – this and two other videos to record. Let’s have a look inside!

Unboxing Time: Kanto Ramen Set From Ippin – Japan

In the box are five different varieties of ramen from ramen shpos in the Kanto region of Japan. They’re in little boxes and pretty hefty to be honest. Each box has two servings. Here’s where you can get this set – pretty cool! Thanks again!

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