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My Wife’s Birthday At Chi-Mc n Hot Pot – Lynnwood, WA

Today is my wife Kit’s birthday! I thought I’d do up a post about the new restaurant I took her to.

Chi-Mc N Hot Pot
19400 36th Ave W #101
Lynnwood, WA 98036

The birthday girl!

Ready to try something new.

They have a large menu of what I understand is a fusion of Japanese and Korean foods.

This is quite possibly the best new thing I’ve tried in a long time: cream cheese topokki! This blew our minds!

I got the spicy ramyun – had a nice taste and good noodles.

Kit got the seafood yakiudon. She’s been a fan of udon for a while now. If you’re in the area, definitely check this place out! Happy birthday, Kit!

#1427: Miso Ramen At Osaka Ramen In Dublin, California

Last week, we went on our big summer vacation! We drove from Lynnwood, WA all the way to Livermore, CA – over 800 miles. Did it in 14 hours – only 3 quick stops, too! We did a bunch of neat stuff – went to the Alameda County Fair, caught a Giants game in San Francisco, and went out for ramen – and not the instant kind. Nope – this is the moment I think many of you have been wanting to see more of. It’s not going to be a common thing around here anytime soon, but I thought I’d share my experience.


Here’s my wife Kit – she got yakiudon – like yakisoba but of course with udon noodles.

Kit’s mom Cathy who got California Roll.

Andy went with a Tonkotsu kid’s meal – you get a bowl of tonkotsu and a dessert!

finally, myself – I decided to go with a miso with corn and had them put in some chashu as well.

So we drank some tea.

Then waited a couple of minutes.

Then the food arrived! Here’s Kit’s yakiudon.

Andy’s pork tonkotsu.

Finally, my miso ramen (click image to enlarge). I wish the pictures came out better, but I only had my cellphone with me – should’ve had something a little better – my apologies. The broth was really nice and rich, the corn very complimentary, the noodles just right and the chashu not what I expected. I haven’t had chashu before and I thought it would be a bit less soft and a little more chewy. It was quite good though. I nabbed some slurps of Andy’s tonkotsu broth and liked that even more – I think I’ll try a bowl of tonkotsu next time.  All in all, the service was friendly, fast and the food was excellent. I’d recommend this place to noodle fans – as being 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Here’s Andy’s dessert, a small scoop of strawberry ice cream. He played with that little umbrella for the rest of our vacation – I think he even brought it back up here. He really likes it, LOL!  Should you want to check this place out, here’s the address:

Osaka Ramen
4288 Dublin Blvd
Ste 118
Dublin, CA94568

Here’s a tour of Dublin, California’s downtown.

Spicy Noodle Soup From Dumpling House

Yesterday my wife and I were out and about. I needed to find some fresh squid for an upcoming review and we went to KS Mart, a large Korean market in Lynnwood, Washington. We were hungry, and decided to check out the little restaurants inside (it’s common for Korean grocery stores to have small restaurants inside). We decided to give Dumpling House a try.

This line on the menu caught my eye. Jjampong!

Here’s what I was served (click image to enlarge). This was like a religious experience in a bowl! Lots of seafood and great broth and noodles. A lot of food to be sure. The spiciness was reasonable and the chilli peppers in there were lethal – I ate one and decided to just let them be after that!

So if you’re in the Lynnwood/Everett/Edmonds area, you should really check this place out for a bowl of spicy noodles. Like I said above, they’re inside KS Mart, which is also a great place to find a myriad of South Korean instant noodles, snacks and everything you could imagine.

Indonesian Delicacies From Waroeng Jajanan

Here in town we are lucky to have a great Indonesian store called Waroeng Jajanan. Not only do they have all sorts of great instant noodles, they also have fresh foods they make for dine-in or take out. On top of that, they are really nice! Here’s something they gave me to try – nasi goreng! Thank you! What’s inside? Keep reading!

My son Andy came with me and asked what kind of noodles he would like. Indomie Mi Goreng was mentioned and he was into trying it. I’m sure most people are a little surprised he hasn’t tried it before being the son of the guy who eats all the instant noodles, but this seemed like the right time. He really liked it without the spicy sachet. He also really liked the kerapuk aci – that’s the puffy looking thing he’s got there. It’s a big crunchy thing that gvoes great with mi goreng.

Another thing we got there was the big meatball you see there. It’s called bakso and it was really quite amazing! Imagine a really nicely exotic spiced meatball, but with a center that is an egg! Was really great!

Here’s what was inside the wraps (click image to enlarge)! Rice and rendang and chicken and veggies and a hard boiled egg! A few minutes in the microwave with the banana leaf wrapping everything steamed it all up nicely. It was so good – I could eat it every day! I can’t recommend this place any higher! Here’s a link to a past post about Waroeng Jajanan with their contact/location info.

Where To Get It: Waroeng Jajanan Indonesian Grocery Store

I’ve got a lot of reviews of Indonesian instant noodles coming up starting today and I thought ‘man, I need some Indonesian chilli sauce…’ Well lucky for me, there’s a nice Indonesian grocery just a few blocks away!

Every time I’ve been in there, everyone is really nice. This time was pretty cool – the lady working there had seen The Ramen Rater blog before! She was really helpful with some idea to add to noodles – a couple I’ve not tried before! The little shakers have a really tasty chilli and spice blend – one’s super spicy and one’s got a little anchovy in it and it also spicy. I’m gonna try the big crackers in the back  there – I’ve seen them in the YouTube videos I’ve seen of Indonesian hawker dishes. Sweet – gonna be making my stuff a little more authentic! What’s more is they have take out Indonesian dishes sometimes – I really want to try them soon!

They’ve got a great selection. If you’re looking for instant noodles by the way – they have some really good varieties of Indomie, Mi Sedaap and even Super Bihun!

 If you’re in the Seattle area, I recommend checking this place out!. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars from The Ramen Rater!

Waroeng Jajanan

22315 Highway 99 Suite I

Edmonds, WA 98026

Tel: 206-504-8733


Facebook: Link

Where To Get It: OC Market Poultry & Rotisserie in Anaheim, CA

This place was awesome! Quite a few varieties of noodles I hadn’t seen before – pretty much the full line of FF bowls and even a Sunlee square bowl. Not only that, but the woman who was at the register was really nice and actually talked to us! A lot of the time at checkouts at Asian groceries I find that the people working there don’t make eye contact or even speak to us at all. One other thing – the place smelled really good – I think that it’d be an excellent place to eat in as well. Highly recommended!

Where To Get It: 99 Ranch Market in Anaheim

So after an awesome day at Lego Land California, we went back North to Anaheim to crash and ready ourselves for Disneyland the next day. Not far from where we stayed was a Ranch 99 Market. This one was different from the others I have been in – there were palm trees out front for starters! Then there was the fact that after you go through the main door there was a little gate you went through. Aside from that, it seemed a little smaller than others too. They had spoken advertising on the overhead speakers – in English – and every time they said ‘per pound’ it was exactly the same and rather amusing! They also played music and I really enjoyed that – really crazy sound track like music that sounded like a bad guy in a movie was creeping up on an unsuspecting victim! Their instant noodle selection was decent, which was very nice. I really liked the place a lot!

Where To Get It: Viet Wah Supermarket

Viet Wah Supermarket

1032 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 329-1399

I really liked this place! They had some instant noodles here I’ve never seen before! Mostly Vietnamese. There was some really awesome music playing on the speakers too! Was an awesome experience.

Where To Get It: Seafood City

Sea Food City

1368 Southcenter Mall
Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 241-0555

So it took a little bit of time but we found it. Looked big, new and clean.

Then we found the aisle of aisles with the noodles…

I have never seen instant noodles organized this way – it must take a lot of time to keep them so nicely organized!

Worth going to for sure! Lots of noodles from all over Asia.

Where To Get It: HT Oaktree Market

10008 Aurora Ave N

Seattle, WA

 So here’s a new place – we checked it out and found it to be very nice. Quite an array of products – got over 15 new ramens to rate – good prices!

Check that action! Lots of noodles to try!

Grind up a kid and put him in a tube! I remember seeing one called Baby BNologna at WinCo foods and lo and behold it had a picture of a baby on it. I just don’t understand. I hope the manufacturers find these kind of things really funny too!

Where To Get It: Uwajimaya Seattle

So this is where I originally started getting the instant noodles. My folks took me here when I was very young as a regular destination for food.

600 5th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104-3898
(206) 624-6248

I remember when it used to be in a different location about ten years ago but now it’s all redone and very snazzy.

They have all sorts of neat things from Japan in there – but also from all over the world. They’re a big grocery and also have a section with kitchenware and books and a food court and a bookstore.

She found the treats! Hello Kitty Yan Yan! They’ve got a bazillion different interesting little Japanese candies and bubble gums and other things.

Even foods that contain a little bit of you!

Here’s the ramen aisle. Bowls on the left, packets on the right. Pretty excellent variety although I remember it being a bit better in the past. They used to have Nissin Chikin ramen there but no more. This place is excellent! Spend $7 to validate parking for an hour, $15 for two hours. Two hours can be spent in here easily!

Where To Get It: Boo Han Oriental Market

So yeah, I eat a good amount of ramen noodles. I also walk a lot. I walk to where I get my ramen noodles all the time. Well this week I’ve started going a longer route – going an extra mile. By doing so I found this place: Boo Han Oriental Market. I can’t see very well so once I was walking on the other side of the road I was hip to it…

Boo Han Oriental Market
22618 Highway 99 # Main
Edmonds, WA 98026-8395
(425) 778-7400

Ah now that’s better! It looks like a strange small place from outside but its actually a really good sized grocery store! I noticed today that by the front is a nice section of baked goods that look really tasty like little cakes. Of course, Getting down to business is job number one and so…

The ramen aisle in all its glory. One thing I noticed were some interesting Korean varieties I haven’t seen elsewhere. Also some that you can only get if you get a 5 pack. I like this place – really cool. Will have more info soon.