Where To Get It: Pal-Do World

NOTE: Paldo World is no longer at this location. However, there’s a new Korean supermarket called KS Mart.

So another Lynnwood-area Korean supermarket is Pal-Do World…

Pal-Do World

17424 Highway 99

Lynnwood, WA 98037-9243

(425) 742-2237


This one’s much like H Mart – it has a main grocery area and small satellite stores. 99 Ranch is this way too, but less of a Korean-based store.

So quite a few interesting places in here – among them a bank, an AT&T store a place called ‘Chicky Pub’ where you could get a beer and some fried chicken, and a couple other little things.

A pretty decent instant noodle bowl and package selection here. One thing I liked was seeing some products that I’d only seen in 5 packs in singles, so I could try them without having to repeat eat.

Lots of 5 packs and bowls of things…

A nice array of foreign beverages. We went for the pear juice which will be paired with something fizzy later this evening.

Here’s what I came home with and what will be reviewed in the future. Pal-Do world offers some interesting stuff.

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