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#2710: Itsuki Kyushu “Tonkotsu” Pork Flavor Ramen

I think I found this one at 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds, Washington a month or two ago. I go in there an awful lot – they have the mung bean sprouts I like and usually with the longest expiration life in the area. I could go on and on about mung bean sprouts, but here’s a little about tonkotsu ramen from Wikipedia –

Tonkotsu (豚骨, “pork bone”; not to be confused with tonkatsu) soup usually has a cloudy white colored broth.It is similar to the Chinese baitang (白湯) and has a thick broth made from boiling pork bones, fat, and collagen over high heat for many hours, which suffuses the broth with a hearty pork flavor and a creamy consistency that rivals milk, melted butter or gravy (depending on the shop).

But yeah I could really go on and on and on about mung bean sprouts but I won’t today at least. Let’s give this tonkotsu a look.

Itsuki Kyushu “Tonkotsu” Pork Flavor Ramen – Japan

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add a bundle of noodles to 500ml boiling water and cook for 2.5 minutes. Add in one sachet of soup base powder. Finally, stir and enjoy! Also, you can make both servings at once the same way – but use 900ml boiling water – not 1000ml.

One of the two bundles of noodles.

One of the two seasoning base sachets.

Powder soup base.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added hard boiled egg, chashu pork, spring onion and Salad Cosmo organic mung bean sprouts. The noodles came out very good – straight noodle with a nice gauge and tooth to them – not too chewy and not too soft. Right in the middle. The broth is luxuriant and giving – full of good flavor and very thick. A delight. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.  JAN bar code 4901726013748.

Itsuki food Kurume HoTome-out ramen 123g ~ 10 pieces

Thai food is popular in the United States, however, in Thailand Japanese food is hugely popular

The Ramen Rater For Apple iPhone

I am very proud and happy to introduce the release of The Ramen Rater mobile app for the Apple iPhone! The app is the culmination of many months of work by myself and app developer Calvin Tam of Malaysia (you can see some of his other work here). You may have noticed a while back I posted an ad on the right side asking for folks who might be interested in developing an app with me for mobile users. Well, Calvin answered that call and devoted a great deal of time making this happen! I want to personally thank him for the time and effort expended on this app. Without further adieu, let me introduce you to The Ramen Rater for iPhone!

Welcome! This is the initial screen you will be greeted with. You can quickly scroll through the last 50 reviews and posts.

As you can see, the review’s stats are labeled at the top – title, stars and a shot of the product. Also, instead of the video being at the bottom, it is viewable at the top. Clicking on the video will bring it up in a window.

What you see here is the best part! You can scan a bar code from a package of instant noodles – if I’ve reviewed it, the app will find it and ask if you’d like to see the review! Note – right now, it’s only working correctly for 12 digit UPC bar codes. It likes to omit the first digit of EAN bar codes, which are 13 digits. This will be addressed in an upcoming update.

Finally, you can share the reviews/posts with people across the Internet through social media, email, send it in an SMS text message.

There’s how The Ramen Rater iPhone app v1.0 stands currently! It’s now available in the iTunes Store for $0.99USD. It will work on Apple Iphone, iPad, and iPods running iOS 7.1 and above. Some updates we’re talking about like a simple search box where you can enter info to search for instead of scanning, quick access to top ten lists and more are in the works! If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment! If you do download the app, please give it a good review if you like it! Thanks!

Something Curry To Cook For Valentine’s Day

I got an email from 99 Ranch Market with this recipe in it today and thought I’d post it – sounds like a nice little Valentine’s Day dinner. Hope everyone’s having a good day!

My Awesome Birthday Noodle Journey!

So yeah look at that insane assortment of noodles – it’s really quite insane. My lovely Kit was so kind as to give me the gift of oriental flava today! First we went to Sun Ya in Seattle – a Chinese restaurant that has dim sum for lunch. Then to Uwajimaya where I got a ton of noodles! The we checked out a place called Viet Wah – that was awesome and yes, more noodles. Then to Seafood City and yes…. MORE  NOODLES! Finally after coming back and relaxing for a bit, we decided on homemade Korean BBQ for dinner. Got the stuff at 99 Ranch Market and yup – got another noodle cup! In all, there’s 65 unique varieties here that will be reviewed on Ramen Rater! So Enjoy!

Here’s a bag with all of the cups and bowls…


…and one with all of the packs and other stuff… Tomorrow, Kit’s going to bring home a box for them…

The Ramen Rater News – Noodle Re-Up Extreme

Yesterday we went to HT Oaktree market. Got a ton of new noodles to review! Gaze upon the massiveness!

Of course the next step was to figure out a storage solution. My ramen box is very small. However with a bit of balancing, I was able to get them all to fit nicely.

If you look closely you can see the record I use to cover the noodles as the steep when it’s bowl noodle time. So that’s the news for now – stay  tuned for more reviews!

– The Ramen Rater

Where To Get It: 99 Ranch Market

So this place is really nice – they have a wide variety of pretty much everything.

99 Ranch Market

Seattle (Edmonds) store
22511 Highway 99, Edmonds,WA 98026

So let’s get down to business. Here’s a nice long aisle of instant ramen noodles! Many countries are represented here: China, Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and others. I have found this to be a great place to get my ramen rating activities back on track.more

Another nice item they have is a broad selection of rice, unfortunately, no basmati although you really wouldn’t expect to find it here…

We find this to be pretty nasty – no we haven’t tried it either! But I figure if they’re selling it, someone’s gotta be buying it!

Look at that mountain of Mi Goreng! Ah hah hah! I think this is awesome.

This was right next to the boxes of Mi Goreng – this is mostly 5 packs of Korean ramen like Nongshim Shin Ramyun and Paldo products.

I love this place; I love walking here and getting ramen and walking home triumphant and very sweaty this summer. Indeed there are many varieties still to  sample! I can’t stress enough  that checking this place out is a must.

Where To Get It: Pal-Do World

NOTE: Paldo World is no longer at this location. However, there’s a new Korean supermarket called KS Mart.

So another Lynnwood-area Korean supermarket is Pal-Do World…

Pal-Do World

17424 Highway 99

Lynnwood, WA 98037-9243

(425) 742-2237


This one’s much like H Mart – it has a main grocery area and small satellite stores. 99 Ranch is this way too, but less of a Korean-based store.

So quite a few interesting places in here – among them a bank, an AT&T store a place called ‘Chicky Pub’ where you could get a beer and some fried chicken, and a couple other little things.

A pretty decent instant noodle bowl and package selection here. One thing I liked was seeing some products that I’d only seen in 5 packs in singles, so I could try them without having to repeat eat.

Lots of 5 packs and bowls of things…

A nice array of foreign beverages. We went for the pear juice which will be paired with something fizzy later this evening.

Here’s what I came home with and what will be reviewed in the future. Pal-Do world offers some interesting stuff.

Where To Get It: H Mart with UPDATE!!!

Holy moly freaking god look at the size of that place. It’s an enormous Korean grocery much like Paldo World in Lynnwood – and guess what – this place iis in Lynnwood too…

3301 184th Street Southwest
Lynnwood, WA 98037-4797
(425) 776-0858

One thing to note real quick – if you go to www.hmart.com you won’t find the store in the list of locations. Why? I haven’t got a clue. But oh it is indeed at this address you can be sure of that!

It’s an interesting concept. It’s like the size of a Walmart. You walk in and there’s a bunch of little stores surrounding the grocery store. So for example, I saw a little video store and a patisserie in there. We Didn’t go check everything out but I think there’s probably a gift shop type of place too. All in all very interesting and lots of cool stuff. In the grocery store there was a lot of different things you could sample. Had some kimchi and tuna over rice concoction that was quite good.

There was a very good selection off instant noodles to get there so got some new stuff to review!

I was drooling a bit at all of the curry they had on one aisle – this is just a small section of the boxed stuff.

Canned? CANNED? Hmm must be tried!

This stuff was really really really good – oh hell yes. Going to have to return very soon!

UPDATE!!! So return we did two days later. Here’s further down the curry aisle – tons and tons of Asian curries – lots of awesome stuff!

They had case options on the Sriracha! Chuggable stuff!

37.5 pounds of pure pain to burn your esophagus! Yeah!

Finally, the pictures I wanted people to see to begin with – the noodles. They have a great selection here of some out of the way stuff. I liked the fact that they had lots of MAMA brand items I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Lots of bowl noodles to appeal to the discerning taste buds!

The long and short of it is that I thought this place was really cool – lots of neat stuff and very large. Worth the trip. Not too far if you live in the Puget Sound area as it’s in Lynnwood which is just halfway between Seattle and Everett.

Thanks go to Paul Spehar for cluing me in about this place – never in a million years would I have found it.