Where To Get It: Boo Han Oriental Market

So yeah, I eat a good amount of ramen noodles. I also walk a lot. I walk to where I get my ramen noodles all the time. Well this week I’ve started going a longer route – going an extra mile. By doing so I found this place: Boo Han Oriental Market. I can’t see very well so once I was walking on the other side of the road I was hip to it…

Boo Han Oriental Market
22618 Highway 99 # Main
Edmonds, WA 98026-8395
(425) 778-7400

Ah now that’s better! It looks like a strange small place from outside but its actually a really good sized grocery store! I noticed today that by the front is a nice section of baked goods that look really tasty like little cakes. Of course, Getting down to business is job number one and so…

The ramen aisle in all its glory. One thing I noticed were some interesting Korean varieties I haven’t seen elsewhere. Also some that you can only get if you get a 5 pack. I like this place – really cool. Will have more info soon.

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