Where To Get It: HT Oaktree Market

10008 Aurora Ave N

Seattle, WA

 So here’s a new place – we checked it out and found it to be very nice. Quite an array of products – got over 15 new ramens to rate – good prices!

Check that action! Lots of noodles to try!

Grind up a kid and put him in a tube! I remember seeing one called Baby BNologna at WinCo foods and lo and behold it had a picture of a baby on it. I just don’t understand. I hope the manufacturers find these kind of things really funny too!

One comment

  1. Hahaha no the meat it geared toward kids. This is a common kids food for toddlers. You know meat makes you grow up big and strong. So as soon as babies can eat meat we start pumping them full it!

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