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I know how much everyone loves that burning heat of fire noodles! Well, Samyang Foods of South Korea has sent a big box of new varieties! Watch as Hans & Miles take a look! ...see full post


Ramen Trunk Premium Japanese Noodles – March 2019

Wanna see something different? This is a super premium and high end ramen subscription box from Japan. It’s full of neat stuff and I’ll let you just take a look because it’s pretty rad! Get a Ramen Trunk at Use coupon code RAMENRATER20OFF for 20% off a subscription or single gift box! ...see full post


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#3122: Mamee Shinsegae Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken – Malaysia

#3122: Mamee Shinsegae Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken - Malaysia

So yesterday was my birthday, and one of the best I’ve had yet. This one was a little different; usually I’m all about going out somewhere to eat or partying up. I had a couple goals for my birthday. One was to do a mukbang of this one and publish it yesterday – which I was able to do. ...see full post


Unboxing Time: Limited Edition Ghost Pepper Daebak

I was contacted by a guy at Mamee in Malaysia about a new ultra spicy variety . I was game. He sent them. They arrived the day before my birthday and Miles and I cracked them open! Let’s check ’em out! ...see full post

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#3120: Nissin Cup Noodles Intensos Diablo – Mexico

#3120: Nissin Cup Noodles Intensos Diablo - Mexico

Here’s the third and final iteration of the Nissin Cup Noodles Intensos range: Diablo. The devil! This should be the spiciest of the three and sounds like something I’m going to need to do a special mukbang for. Let’s take a look! ...see full post

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#3119: Daikoku Tempura Soba – Japan

#3119: Daikoku Tempura Soba - Japan

Today, we have one that was part of Japan Crate’s Umai Crate. So Japan Crate is a subscription service which has all sorts of different options for you. pretty neat stuff from Japan! There’s a coupon code for you too – just use THERAMENRATER to get a special discount at check out. ...see full post

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#3118: Nongshim POP Pot Or Pan Chicken Flavor – United States

#3118: Nongshim POP Pot Or Pan Chicken Flavor - United States

It’s been so long since I’ve seen a Nongshim product that’s been in an individual pack I’ve not tried it’s making my head spin. I used to get samples from them all the time, but not in quite a while. I miss them! I found this at a Fred Meyer store in Lynnwood, Washington last night! This looks like an interesting new concept for them – make it wet or dry. The name was a little confusing to me at first – I thought it was just called Pop then looked a little closer and thought Pot Por Pan? Ahhh – Pot OR Pan.. That makes more sense. I think I’m going to try pot today. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

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#3117: A-Sha Gourmet Sesame Paste Noodle – Taiwan

#3117: A-Sha Gourmet Sesame Paste Noodle - Taiwan-sha

This is the last of the quartet of varieties from A-Sha that they sent to me a little while back. With this, I think I’ve cleared out all the odds and ends of noodle varieties that have been sitting in the kitchen – boo yah! Next will be the boxes next to counter in the kitchen lol – should be able to whittle those down quite a bit this week as well. ...see full post

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#3116: Acecook Miso Butter Ramen – Japan

#3116: Acecook Miso Butter Ramen - Japan

Today we have a Zenpop.JP variety – so what’s Zenpop? They’re a subscription service for all things Japanese! Definitely, check them out. By the way, use coupon code RAMENRATER to get $2 off! Here’s what they had to say about this one – ...see full post

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