Re-Review: Meet The Manufacturer: Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black Premiun Noodle Soup

Here we go with the last of the Shin Ramyun varieties I’ll be doing for Nongshim Meet The Manufacturer week. Shin Ramyun Black!

Back of the packaging (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block – ready for anything!

The red packet – what inside this?

Lots of red spicy seasoning of course!

This packet (front and back shown) has the oxtail soup broth – nummy stuff! Lots of onion flavor as well.

Had a little taste – oh yeah this stuff’s good!

Here’s the vegetable and beef packet. This one’s a little larger.

Notice the freeze dried beef – this is actually quite good.

Thought I’d mention that my review – the one with the Top Ten List – is featured on the Shin Ramyun black slide on Nongshim America’s website! Pretty cool! Glad they liked the review! Click image to enlarge.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added an egg, some onions, some of my local veggie mix, some Fresno peppers, a slice of processed cheese with a little Tabasco Buffalo Style hot sauce, some Ajishima Furikake and some beef lunch meat. As I mentioned above, this one’s on the Top Ten List. It’s number seven – and out of over 650 reviews (when I did the list), that’s quite a high score! The Shin Ramyun Black is great stuff – the broth has such a nice flavor, there’s a ton of noodles that are really good as well as the veggies and beef – of course you can see I like adding some extras to it as well after I taste it. Wonderful stuff. 4.75 out of 5.0 stars!!! UPC bar code 031146013524.

Nongshim Shin Black Noodle Soup, Spicy, 4.58 Ounce (Pack of 10)


  1. How would you compare the cup version vs. the package version of this noodle?

    Also, you rated the cup version as 5.0 out of 5.0, but the package version as 4.75 out of 5.0. However, the package version ranked higher than the cup in the 2015 Ten Best. May I ask the reason?

    1. There are no Nongshim products on the 2015 Top Ten list – you must be looking at an older one.. As for the pack version, after re-review it ended up with a 5.0 star I believe, but that was a while back. The Shin Black Cup originally was onion flavored which was really good, although the new one is quite nice too. The package version has gotten a makeover – a horizontal design instead of vertical. A lot of Nongshim’s stuff is getting a re-vamp, and I might be doing a series of new Nongshim reviews this summer.

      – TRR

      1. My apology. Was reading a few of your lists and mixed up. It was the 2014 Ten Best Made in USA, both the cup version and package version made to the list.

  2. After reading your Top 10 list, we found this ramen locally and tried it. This is definitely one of the best ramen noodles that we have ever had! A little pricy but worth the money! It’s on the top of our list since our fav (and yours), Indomie Curly Fried Noodle can no longer be found locally or even on Amazon.

    1. Yeah I heard that that variety might be getting discontinued 🙁 – there’s one that’s Grilled Chicken that is practically identical and would consider it an equal – they’re both extremely good!

      Glad you like the Black – yeah I am really impressed with it – you should check out the Onion Cup they did – it’s even better I think – would be rad if they come out with a Shin Ramyun Black Onion package!

      – TRR

  3. I think you add to much stuff into the ramyun to really give a true review on the original flavoring so it’s a little bit deceiving.

    1. I could see why you might think that – check out my How I Review page – I review the base product – not the additions (although the additions are very nice). Like I say there, I taste everything before I review and then add everything. these are my meals. Thanks for your comment!

      – TRR

      1. I’ve read your site for a long time and I had no idea that your rating is based on the base product before you add a bunch of stuff. I’m all for adding stuff but it always seemed bizarre that you would add eggs, 3rd party hot sauce and whatnot to instant noodles and then declare a rating.

        As an aside, in my humble option, the best items to add to ramen are microwaved vegetables or sprouts, cilantro or culantro, onions or leeks, and fresh ginger.


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