#752: Meet The Manufacturer: Nongshim Bowl Noodle Savory Soup Tempura Udon Flavor

Here’s a new one in the Bowl Noodle line. Let’s give it a try.

The lid.

Side and bottom of cardboard outer (click image to enlarge).

Interesting look to the noodle block – upside-down.

Here’s a couple of the narutomaki and pieces of tempura that were in the bowl. Mind you, there were more as well as veggies.

The seasoning packet.

The powder seasoning.

Finished (click image to enlarge). The noodles are good – they come out with a slight fluffiness and still remain firm-ish but not spongy. The broth is pretty good – salty and slightly sweet like fried tofu. The narutomaki, tempura and veggies aren’t bad – kind of round out the whole thing. One think to notice is that the noodles here are of a slightly wider gauge. Not bad, all in all. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 031146013876 – get it here.

Maybe I’ll do the Ansungtangmyun tomorrow…

Summer Korean noodles

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  1. Based on this review, I’m giving these a try. $12 for 12 bowls with free Prime shipping from Amazon is an excellent deal. Seems like this, the Beef, and Savory Chicken are the only non-spicy Nongshim noodles available.

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