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#4128: Paldo Teumsae Cheese Tteokbokki – South Korea

#4128: Paldo Teumsae Cheese Tteokbokki - South Korea

Here’s one from James in Lakeside, CA – thanks again! Wow – this looks burly. I had to read around to verify cooking instructions and they aren’t hard to cook – just wanted to do it right. This will be my first mukbang I’ve done in ages – not only that, I’ve been hardcore on diet and exercise lately, so not only will it be spicy, it’s going to be a gut buster. Egad. Let’s give it a shot! ...see full post

#3954: Shinsegae Mamee Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese Spicy Chicken Flavour – Malaysia

#3954: Shinsegae Mamee Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese Spicy Chicken Flavour - Malaysia

My God yes! New varieties from Malaysia arrived the other day and I’m absolutely thrilled! Do you know anything about Malaysia? If you did, you would know it’s perfection. I can’t think of a more awesome place. Really. Okay, I love Taiwan and Thailand too. Every place I’ve had the fortune to be able to visit has been just amazing – Mlaysia was the first though. I see YouTube folks that go and visit these amazing places all the time and I envy them. I officially BEG YOU – Mamee Doubledecker, bring my family for a visit? I’ll do a ton of videos and everything. It would be so awesome – just fly us over and give us a couch to sleep on! Well, I am speaking for myself; I think my wife and kids would need a little more – but please? Somebody! I will tell you, Malaysia has the flavors you desire if you can’t get enough of bright flavors and innovative taste. This one will be interesting – ultra spicy. Cheese. Let’s give it a go! ...see full post

#3237: Samyang Cheese Ramen – South Korea

#3237: Samyang Cheese Ramen - South Korea

I’ve mentioned a few times recently how much I’ve really been into Samyang Ramen in the last year or so. It’s really quite good – has a ham flavor, nice level of spiciness. It’s just got a good all around comfort food thing going on. Well, here’s the same thing – but now it’s got a cheese component. I’ll admit it – I like cheese. There. That feels better. Load off my mind. I usually add cheese to South Korean ramen, so let’s see how this one with a cheese component included goes. ...see full post