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#4602: Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese Spicy Chicken Flavour – Malaysia

#4602: Daebak Ghost Pepper Cheese Spicy Chicken Flavour - Malaysia

This is it – the last of the great varieties that were sent by Mamee-Doubledecker. Thank you so much – it’s really been an amazing journey of flavor and new varieties! This is the cup version of the ghost pepper cheese. I previously did the pack version which was a real tough go. This one looks to be just a smaller version. They both have a sachet of ghost pepper oil – I think it works pretty darn well. Let’s do another mukbang! ...see full post

#4590: Daebak Habanero Kimchi Jjigae Flavour – Malaysia

#4590: Daebak Habanero Kimchi Jjigae Flavour - Malaysia

You may have heard of budae jjigae, which features assorted meats. This is a kimchi jjigae, which has kimchi at the forefront. Of the extra spicy varieties of this range, this is the only soupy variety, also the only one not having chicken at the forefront. Well, I do have some chicken, so it will make an appearance in here. Let’s cook it up! ...see full post

#4573: Daebak Habanero Spicy Chicken Flavour – Malaysia

#4573: Daebak Habanero Spicy Chicken Flavour - Malaysia

Well, I have just been informed that this cup is pink and I’ve always thought it was orange. I figure I can get at least another ready set go from the kids as they’re home for mid-winter break this week. It’s been pretty insane around here. I’m ready for my mouth to catch on fire again this week, so let’s have at it. Here we go! Mukbang at the bottom. ...see full post

#4567: Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Flavour – Malaysia

#4567: Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Flavour - Malaysia

A big happy birthday for Miles on his 8th birthday!!! Yay!

New packaging – with the little spokescharacter Rangyi, this one is a little different than the previous versions. This one you can put as little or as much ghost pepper oil in it. I’m going to put it all in of course. It looks like it’s the same size oil sachet as the previously reviewed pack version, so this should get a good burn going – mukbang below. Let’s begin. ...see full post

#4546: Daebak Rabokki Flavour – Malaysia

#4546: Daebak Rabokki Flavour - Malaysia

Oh hey now I’m psyched. I love rabokki. It’s a combination of tteokbokki, a rice cake tube, and ramyeon. Alone, kind of bland, but paired with tteokbokki sauce, it’s absolutely delightful. Now, you might wonder how to pronounce tteokbokki. It’s a soft t or a hard d. I heard multiple times that it was one of the hardest words for westerners to pronounce in Korean. Well, I watch a few videos and figured I had it down. One day, I had a violent toothache. I mean ready to take an ice pick to the ice pick pain I was experiencing. I hate going to the dentist. It was so bad I begged my wife to take me. Well, they took pity on me and took a look on the spot. They said we can fix it or pull it. I said let’s yank that beast. I opted for the nitrous oxide – laughing gas. I swear, I’d love to have a tank of that stuff. Anyways, that gas really got me going. After I was all gassed up, I spoke to the doctor, a young Korean guy. Well, I was pretty happy what with all the gas, so I thought I’d see if my Korean was any good, so I asked if I could try it on him. So, I said tteokbokki. He said it was pretty good. Then he took that thing out of my head. Thanks, man! Let’s make some rabokki – I have some tteokbokki left over to use with it. Let’s cook! ...see full post

#4539: Daebak Seaweed Flavour Soup Noodle – Malaysia

#4539: Daebak Seaweed Flavour Soup Noodle - Malaysia

There’s a few varieties in this Daebak range – and I’ll be trying them all, starting with this one! These are developed and coceived in South Korea by Shinsegae Food and produced by Mamee Doubledecker. I’ve had some of the Daebak pack version in the past, but it looks like the packaging and varieties have almost all changed – new stuff to try! Really excited about this. Let’s give seaweed soup noodle a try! ...see full post

#4378: Daebak x TNTCO Carolina Reaper Spicy Chicken Flavour – Malaysia

#4542: Daebak x TNTCO Carolina Reaper Spicy Chicken Flavour - Malaysia

You’ve probably seen the Daebak Ghost Pepper variety in a cup – very spicy. I’ve only had one thing that was Carolina Reaper pepper infused before – and that laid me out for hours on the floor. I’m going to guess this won’t be as hot, but I don’t know. It should be pretty strong – and I haven’t done a really spicy review in a very long time. I guess that’s about to change. There’s a mukbang video at the bottom of this post. I’m sure a lot of you will want to get this one, and while it’s available a limited time at 7-Eleven, that’s 7-Eleven in Malaysia. It can be got on Shoppee which is a popular shopping site over there, but I don’t know anything more than that.  Let’s fire it up and see how spicy this is! ...see full post