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#3069: Vedan Wei Wei Premium Noodle With Spicy Beef – Taiwan

#3069: Vedan Wei Wei Premium Noodle With Spicy Beef - Taiwan

Here’s one sent by a reader who found it in the Philippines – thanks! Definitely looks different from the ones found in Taiwan. Export version! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2728: Vifon Hoang Gia Instant Noodles With Minced Pork

#2728: Vifon Hoang Gia Instant Noodles With Minced Pork Mi Thit Bam Vietnam The Ramen Rater Hen Long Market

We found this one at a place called Hen Long Market up in Surrey, BC on a trip a few months back. Thanks to my friend Ken for telling me about this place! So this one’s from Vietnam and I don’t often have come across Vietnamese varieties like this one. Usually, I see the same thing again and again and this one is definitely different. Let’s have a look at this minced pork variety! ...see full post

#2301: Suimin Noodles With Oriental Chicken Flavour

#2301: Suimin Noodles With Oriental Chicken Flavour

Here’s another one sent by Jen from Australia – thanks again! I’ve seen so many different versions of chicken over the years – spicy versions, savory versions, you name it, (insert adjective here) chicken is very commonplace. But oriental chicken from Australia; what’s that all about? Let’s find out! ...see full post

#2276: Nissin Cup Noodles With Shrimp Ramen Noodle Soup (New Recipe)

After decades of sticking with the same recipe, Nissin has decided to go with something new. On Cup Noodles’ 45th anniversary here in the USA, they’ve changed it to include no added MSG and no artificial flavors. Let’s give this a try! ...see full post

#1870: Asia Gold Instant Noodles With Beef Flavouring

Here’s a neat one. During my trip to Thai President Foods’ Agent Meeting in Bangkok last month, I went to a seminar for a large group of European distributors. There were a couple guys who were there that I met from the Thai President Foods Hungary factory, and I was able to obtain samples of many of the products that are manufactured there, this being one of them. I noticed that on the label, an Austrian company is distributing this one. Let’s have a look! ...see full post

#1192: Wu-Mu Ramen With Simmered Pork Flavor

Here’s another one I got at T&T Supermarket up in Canada. I find it interesting; I got three pork varieties there – stewed pork, steamed pork and simmered pork! I asked my wife which one I should have as I couldn’t decide. She told me to simmer down and so here we are. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1163: Chewy Rice Vermicelli Spicy Beef With Chilli Flavour

Another one from my birthday trip to Canada in March – thanks, Kit! Hot and spicy sounded like something I could go for today. Let’s see how this spicy rice vermicelli comes out – I must admit I don’t see spicy rice vermicelli variants ofter. ...see full post

#929: Vina Acecook Good Artificial Minced Pork Flavour Bean Vermicelli

Here’s the last of the ones my sister brought me back from Hawaii! Minced pork bean vermicelli… Sounds kind of interesting! A very dark day here – wet, cold and windy. ...see full post

#912: Maruchan Instant Lunch Shrimp Flavor Ramen Noodles With Vegetables

Here’s another one of Maruchan’s Instant Lunches – who would think that I wouldn’t have reviewed it until now… Weird! But here’s the shrimp instant cup! ...see full post