#769: Nissin Cup Noodles With Shrimp Picante Style

Yep – a Cup Noodle! Just sounded good. I reviewed one that I ate much earlier and just got done reviewing three that I only had a bite of each. This sounds like something tasty.

Here’s the info on the cardboard cover’s back (click image to enlarge..

Here’s the lid.

No packets – all inclusive.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added some veggies. The noodles are good – if you haven’t had a cup noodle by Nissin before, they’re slightly flat and very thin. The broth is great – has a lot of chili powder flavor and is really tasty! The veggies are pretty good too. Not bad – having trouble finding any shrimp though and doesn’t seem all that shrimpy to me. Other than that, really good! 3.25 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 070662030127 .

Had no idea! This looks amazing too!

A lot of people refer to Cup Noodles as Cup A Soup – definitely a different product.

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