#359: Nissin Bowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Beef Flavor

So here’s one we got a Megalomanianmart the other day. Was nice to see there was another flavor out there; I think this stuff’s pretty okay. One thing I noticed – the other two I’ve reviewed say ‘with chicken’ or ‘with shrimp,’ and this one just says ‘beef flavor.’ Kind of interesting I thought.

Powder on left and veggies on right. Decent amounts of both.

Yeah check that out – lots of both.

So after adding water and cooking, you add this packet.

Click image to enlarge. Finally the finished product. I like how it’s a microwaveable package and not Styrofoam. That’s pretty handy. The broth has a little bit of thickness to it which I liked; like a gravy! I could see people not liking that aspect and using terms like ‘slimy’ and/or ‘greasy.’ I liked it though. I really liked the abundant harvest of re-hydrated veggies – lots lots lots in this one. The noodles were good too. All in all, a good bowl – oh yeah and it’s somewhat spicy but not blow your head of spicy. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. Find them here. UPC bar code 070662096338.

We watched this last night – a great and weird sci fi movie!

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