Score: 19 New Additions – From Canada!

Look at that – wow! I haven’t ever seen most of these for sale in the stores I have been to and I have been to quite a few as you can well imagine. My sister has brought these to the home plate and so everyone should say thanks to her!

Of the varieties, these are exceptionally exciting: macaroni noodles. Three minutes and you’ve got tonkotsu elbow macaroni? Weird! Also some great things like a couple of Payless flavors, a slew of Noodle King bowls and some from a company called Fuku I have not heard of.

You know, if anyone ever wants to send me some noodles that they think I should review and have not yet, I would be very happy to accept them and review them. I see in my logs that many of you are coming to the site from all over the world. I don’t travel much so any donations from folks’d be great!

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