#1165: Nissin Chow Mein With Shrimp Chow Mein Noodles

Really? I haven’t reviewed this? Nope! Wow – who’dathunkit? Well then, without further ado, let’s check out these chow mein noodles – with shrimp!

Here’s the bottom of the package (click image to enlarge). Contains shrimp.

Under the wraps (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block.

The powder seasoning sachet.

The scent reminds me of seasoning salt.

The solid ingredients sachet.

Shrimp ahoy!

The liquid seasoning sachet.

Has a garlic scent.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added shrimp, red bell pepper, Walla Walla sweet onion, pineapple and a little garlic salt. The noodles are slightly wide and flat. The noodles have a nice chew to them – very light. The flavor is that of shrimp; very good and expected. The added seasoning oil make the noodle a bit greasy which is welcome. The included veg and shrimp are pretty good. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 070662087220.

Here’s a commercial for Nissin Chow Mein.

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  1. my chow mein didn’t have any shrimp in it. It even showed shrimp on the package and said it contained shrimp. I was very disappointed I love shrimp.

    jerrybrecken@comcast .net

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