#345: Myojo Charumera Shoyu Noodles With Soup

This is one of those that I’ve only found in 5 packs and had to go ahead and get it. Been so curious about this one and I mean the packaging is probably one of the coolest I’ve seen yet. I wish this guy would come to my town and toot on his trumpet – I’d gladly buy a bowl of noodles from him! I think I can say happily, “screw the ice cream man – this guy’s way cooler.”

So the guy with the cart and the pet cat brought two packets to the party as you can see…

I’m not sure what’s up on this one – whether it is soup base and shoyu flavor or what.

Click image to enlarge. Boiled a couple eggs with the noodles. It seemed a good idea. So I liked these noodles. They were firm enough and tasty. The broth had a nice shoyu flavor. If I were to give these noodles a single word to describe them it’d be ‘traditional.’ 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.



  1. I really like Myojo ( the guy with trumpet ) noodle soup very much.
    It’s very tasteful better than other other brands, around the world.
    The best noodle soup is Myojo,( trumpet ) brand only, I was try to taste since 1977 at Yokohama izesakicho Japan.

    1. Hi! I’ve been looking for this brand of noodles for a long time, where can I buy it here in San Francisco, California or any place? I’d appreciate any info you can give me. my email is tatamejia22@yahoo.com. thanks!

          1. Hi, I just googled it, I was looking for a brand of noodles with a trumphet guy image on the bag. If I may add, I’m 48 yrs old, me and my siblings grew up knowing only this brand of noodles that my father always brought home to Manila from Japan everytime he sailed there to work, from the late 60s to early 80s. It has always been a family treat, thanks again.

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