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The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All time 2023 Edition

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All time 2023 Edition

I get asked to do different top ten lists often – ones for people with dietetic restrictions, one for specific types of noodles, etc. The return of the Japan list should satisfy those who have wanted it to return. The problem with the Japan list is that Japanese varieties  often come and go very quickly like the seasons; they are to be enjoyed and then remembered. Hopefully you’ll be able to find most of these, but if not it is because of this reason. This list is comprised of my ten favorite varieties from Japan out of my reviews up to number 4,400. If you’re in Japan and have varieties you think I should try or are a manufacturer there, please contact me. With that, here is The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2023 Edition. ...see full post

#4450: Myojo Hiyashi Chuka Mazesoba – United states

#4001: Myojo Cold Ramen Soy Sauce Vinaigrette - United States

Here’s a neat cold variety from the United States! Summer months are great for cold noodles as they are more refreshing. My friend Taku-san from Myojo was kind enough to share some new refrigerated varieties  recently and here’s one – arigato! This is going to be a little different though – it’s not summer when I’m making this – it’s late fall and there’s frost every morning. I got a recipe for Hiyashi Chuka Mazesoba from Myojo – a twist which will end up as a hot noodle dish! Shall we give it a try? ...see full post

#4449: Myojo Ippei-Chan Yakisoba – United States

#4449: Myojo Ippei-Chan Yakisoba - United States

I can’t tell you how stoked I am about these! I’ve been a huge fan of Myojo Ippei-Chan in the tray – the ones you make by steeping. This is something different – these are refrigerated section yakisoba! They’re made in the United States! I am really looking forward to this – got the chashu ready! Let’s make it so! ...see full post

#4351: Myojo Ippeichan Yomise No Yakisoba Mentaiko Flavor – Japan

#4351: Myojo Ippeichan Cup Yomise No Yakisoba Mentaiko Flavor - Japan

Well this sounds good. I always am surprised at all the Myojo Ippeichan out there and that there are still varieties I’ve yet to try. Mentaiko is cod roe. Yep – fish eggs. While some might find that strange, fish eggs are all over in Japanese foods. A lot of savoriness! I think I found this one at Asian Family Market a couple weeks ago. Let’s make some yakisoba! ...see full post