Re-Review: Meet The Manufacturer: Paldo Teumsae Ramyun

I saw a YouTube video recently where a man is trying to handle the heat of this instant ramyun. He couldn’t – to the point of cursing these noodles. Another reason that Paldo’s Teumsae Ramyun is #1 on the Top Ten Spiciest Instant Noodles of All Time list. But Teumsae; what is that? Teumsae is a well known restaurant chain in Korea. They’re well known for their spicy ways as well!

The back of the packaging (click image to enlarge).

Big noodle block.

The fiery powder packet!

Here it is – a lot of burning fire awaiting your tastebuds!

The veggie packet.

Quite a bit of veggies in this one.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added an egg, some onions, a slice of processed cheese and a bit of roast beef with Krazy Mixed Up Salt on top. As always, I sampled before I added everything. The noodles are thick and chewy. The broth is just plain mean! Yeah – this is the hottest and spiciest stuff out there that I’ve found. I had good reason to put this at #1 on that spiciest ramen list! The veggies are good too. Also, just to let you know how how this stuff is, it’s burning my mouth really good as I eat it with the egg and cheese and onions added – wow! 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 648436100613.


Here’s a guy in South Korea who checks out things – one of therm being a Teumsae restaurant!

This is pretty awesome – Korean fusion jazz using a lot of tradition instruments – called Oriental Express


  1. These noodles are medium spicy when compared to other real spicy varieties. The taste is typical Korean spicy ramyun.

  2. I love these! They bring tears to my eyes, but what a spicy rush. I still add Sirachi though.

    And I like mushrooms, veggies and some meat with them too. Cilantro goes well with these.

    Now if I could just find some of the other ones on the hottest list.

  3. Tried these yesterday and loved them! I always add extra heat when making my noodles but I didn’t have to with these. Strongly recommend these for all the “spicy” lovers out there. I’d give this one a minimum of 4-4.5 stars myself. Now if I could just find some of the habanero ones! 🙂

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