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A-Sha Sends More Gourmet Beef & Tendon Noodle From Taiwan!

It’s been a really interesting week for me! Foremost, I hit my 4000th review. Then, while I sort of expected the Top Ten Taiwan list to make the news over there, what happened is that the Taiwanese media has gone crazy with my annual global top ten list – which came out in April! Well, two Taiwanese varieties made that list and this is one of them – ultra premium tasty stuff! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#3988: Uncle Fun Hai Nan Fen – China

#3926: Uncle Fun Hai Nan Fen - China

An apron, glasses, and a sunny demeanor. Yes, this is Uncle Fun. Fun? Foon? I’m guessing it’s pronounced Foon. When I opened this, the aroma was definitely nice. But what was difficult was the cooking part. I found a new way to image translate, but it was through google, so very confusing. Boiling noodles in cold water seems a little strange to me, but they’ve got some mad tech in China, yo… I hope I can figure out how the heck to cook this stuff… UPDATE – big thanks to Kyle K. over at Mom’s Dry Noodle for huge help in cooking instructions! ...see full post