#792: Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup Spicy Chicken Flavor (New Version)

The 200th review I did was the old version of this stuff! Over 500 reviews later, we come to the new version. So far, these new ones have been quite good.

Here’s the panel info from the cardboard outer (click image to enlarge).

The lid with directions.

The noodle block.

The seasoning packet.

Here’s the seasoning with a more yellow color than its predecessor.

Here are a few bits of the veggies from the bottom of the bowl.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added a couple fried eggs with a pinch of Krazy Mixed Up Salt, some kimchi, some chicken lunch meat and some veggies. The noodles were exceptionally good as I have found these new ones to be lately. The broth has a decent bit of spiciness but not a snap your neck level – I could handle a bit more. Veggie re-hydrated nicely. In review #200, I didn’t like the noodles as much, but I definitely remember it being spicier. So it sticks at a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 031146262571 – get it here.

This is awesome! I want to go to Korea someday – everyone’s really happy and there’s noodles, too!

I wanna try this stuff!


  1. I loved the old version of this product and was slightly alarmed to read your impression of the changes because I just bought a case and hadn’t eaten one yet. My impression is that it is only slightly less spicy than before and I might add chili sauce next time.

    One thing I always liked about these bowls was the noodles are better than most cups, but I seem to need to cook longer than advised. I like the new microwave directions but cooked for almost 5 minutes. Shorter cooking times seem to leave the noodles chewy and feeling like lower quality noodles.

    The new plastic lid is easier to keep flat than the old lid. They removed the MSG from the recipe along with some of the fish. I guess overall the new version is an improvement.

      1. Maybe my water was too cold at the beginning, and my oven has a weaker rating than yours (and it’s very old so it might be weak from old age too.) I’m going to give it 3:30 next time, and be sure to leave it sitting for the extra minute as instructed. They wrote in the directions to wait for it to cool, but it did not light up in my brain that it is still cooking too. I will not be preparing these with hot water anymore because the microwave prep is fantastic.

        I never liked the noodles in nissin and maruchan cups. I was afraid I had something like that when my nongshim bowl wasn’t cooked all the way. I think the nongshim noodles in general are the best ones widely available in the usa. Even the wrapper is better than the common domestic brands.

        1. Yeah I have to agree – the Nongshim bowls are really good and they’ve got a nice array of them. I got to see them actually making the new Chapagetti bowls at the plant in Rancho Cucamonga California when they flew my wife and I down for a tour! Was an amazing feat of machinery, people and speed. I’ll be reviewing a lot more of these as nowadays they have a big array of them, spicy and savory.

          – TRR

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