Awesome Promotional Gifts From Nongshim America!


I’ve got to just say it – wow! They sent us a huge box of neat noodle knick knacks and other Ningshim niceties! This is pretty epic – check it out! By the way – I think this has to be the coolest packing tape in existence!

They sent two of everything one for me and one for my wife.

A hat and an apron!

These are unique – so you put your Bowl Noodle on the tray in the microwave so you can pull it out easier. The spoons are great – really curious about how they are to use.

The measuring cups are going to be used daily – I really like how the mL is so easy to read and goes all the way up to 600 – that’s awesome when you eat a different instant noodle every day! So who’s the guy on the cup and the magnets? His name is Senor Fideo (Mr. Noodles!)

This is cool – chopstick helper!

A nice travel mug.

A rad coaster, a frisbee and a ton of reusable shopping bags. The town we live in has outlawed those single use plastic bags, so these are awesome and get a lot of use!

A little backpack that mentions the L.A. Dodgers.

Some really nice shirts and hoodies! Wow!

This is so awesome! Some of you might remember that Eric Z. of Florida sent me a pair of Shin Ramyun socks a long time ago – the toe part on those are black and so now there’s all three types! A sock trifecta!

This has to be a raddest belt buckle I’ve ever seen. Wow!

Finally, they sent us a couple of nice camping chairs! Very nice since my boy’s birthday is this weekend and we could use a little extra seating! Thanks to everyone at Nongshim America – this is amazing and we both thank you very, very mcuh!


  1. These are wonderful gifts from Nong Shim.
    I hope you also may visit the factory in Korea that will be really great!

  2. WOW! You must have REALLY left a great impression! Congratulations! And I LOVE those spoons.

    Now, is Nongshim open for appointments or was you going a special thing?

    *raises my Shin Bowl to you, good sir*

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