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Exotic Noods To The Rescue! Send Noods! Last Minute Holiday Gifts w/Coupon Code!

Need help? Haven’t finished your holiday shopping? Win! Go to www.exoticnoods.com and use the coupon code RAMENRATER15 to get a big 15% off your order. Then tell whomever you want to send them to to be ready for a cavalcade of international varieties of noodles! These boxes have stuff from around the world. Check out the video below! ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Exotic Noods November Green Box – United States

So the folks at Exotic Noods (www.exoticnoods.com) sent another box for you to check out! This is the October box and I’ll also be sharing with you the December 2018 box when it arrives! By the way, you can use coupon code BOOM for a great discount! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

Win An Umai Crate Full Of Ramen From Japan!


Win An Umai Crate From Japan Crate Contest

I’d like to announce a new contest! Japan Crate and The Ramen Rater have partnered to do give away  a free Umai Crate to a lucky winner! What’s an Umai Crate, you ask? It’s a monthly box that’s full of neat ramen from Japan! They feature unique varieties from all over Japan plus a bonus item (usually a kitchen implement), a recipe card, and a detailed pamphlet with background information and cooking instructions. Want one? Watch the video below and read on! ...see full post

A Gift From My Wife: Prison Ramen

My wife got me a gift off of Amazon. She didn’t say what it was. I immediately mentioned I’d emailed a publisher of a book asking for a review copy. Then I got the look. ...see full post

Awesome Promotional Gifts From Nongshim America!


I’ve got to just say it – wow! They sent us a huge box of neat noodle knick knacks and other Ningshim niceties! This is pretty epic – check it out! By the way – I think this has to be the coolest packing tape in existence! ...see full post