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#3735: Single Grain Hot & Sour Lava Noodles – China

#3735: Single Grain Hot & Sour Lava Noodles - China

Here’s another one of the ‘flower pot’ form factor large cups from China. These are generally really quite good so I’ve got high hopes for this one. Plus, it’s dry. I know it has to be. I think. I should say I screwed one of these up recently but I did redo it. Dry varieties when broth is introduced isn’t so wonderful. Let’s give this one a try. ...see full post

#3725: Vifon Instant Seafood Porridge – Vietnam

#3725: Vifon Instant Seafood Porridge - Vietnam

Every once in a while, I dig through all the noodles and other things I have and this popped up. Actually, the other day I found a slew of expired stuff from 2018 and 2019 – like expired I mean well over a year! Tossed about 25 pounds of stuff, sadly. Luckily I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to review. This one seemed like an interesting one to do since although it’s not an instant noodle, it’s something you’ll eventually run into on the instant noodle aisle. So sit back, relax, don’t have a cow because it’s neither ramen nor a noodle, and check out rice porridge from Vietnam. ...see full post